May 5, 2014

House Tour #1


We're still chugging along with the unpacking. We've pretty much unpacked everything we brought over from the apartment. Now we are working on sorting through and cleaning the tornado ravaged stuff that we had in storage and trying to determine if it's something we can keep or need to trash. I'm exhausted but it's a good, happy exhausted.

Ok, so the reason you are here. :) Our builder took pictures of the house before we moved in so I'm going to share a few with you. As I get the rooms put together, I'll do more house tour posts then.

One of the major things we did was raise the ceilings in this house. They were 8 feet throughout the entire house before but now they are 9 and 10 feet. Ten feet being in the main areas and nine feet in the bedrooms. The dormers are false dormers. We do not have a second story….well, except for the rooms above the garages.

House Tour-Font Exterior

This is the Dining Room looking toward the Formal Living, Front Entry and the Hallway that leads to the bedrooms. Since we added a pantry to the laundry room, we bumped out a wall in and pushed back another wall in the dining room so we wouldn't lose any space.

House Tour-Dining_Formal Living 

Kitchen & Breakfast Area. The doorway to the left goes into the dining room. In the kitchen we took down a wall and reconfigured a wall. It's crazy how much difference it made!

House Tour-Kitchen 

We added this Family Room to the back of the house. The doorway into this room was the back door in the previous house.

House Tour-Family Room

This is the Laundry/Utility Room complete with mud bench. It was two separate rooms (one laundry and the other mud room/home office) before the tornado. In the rebuild we decided to take down the wall between the two rooms and make it one big room. My office area is on the far left in this picture. Around the corner and to the right of the stairs is the mud bath (not pictured). On the far right is my Pantry. The stairs go up to the theatre room and my craft room (both are above the double and single car garages).

House Tour-Laundry Room

This is the opposite side of my Laundry/Utility room. The open shelves on bottom will have laundry baskets and the counter top above them is my folding counter. :)

House Tour-Laundry

The Theatre Room got a few modifications. Before it was more of a man cave but this time it is a true theatre room…well, it's set up for one. We just need to do a little shopping to get it finished.

House Tour-Theatre Room

We added a third car garage which allowed us to build me a dedicated Craft Room. It may also in the future become a craft/homeschool room.

House Tour-Craft Room

This is the Main Bath (AKA TnT's bathroom). It got some minor modifications but they are difficult to explain if you hadn't been in/seen the house before. For the most part, it's the same as before.

House Tour-Main Bath

The Master Bedroom got bumped out about 7 feet and I do not regret that decision one bit.

House Tour-Master Bedroom

The Master Bathroom is the same footprint as before with the exception of the walk-in shower that we added at the back. Oh and we also moved the bathtub over to where the shower was which created the little nook before you walk into the shower.

House Tour-Master Bath

I am still baffled at how making a few modifications to the old house made the new house look completely different. We are so happy to be home yet we still kind of feel like we are in someone else's house. Getting back into a routine is helping though and it's slowly starting to feel like our home.

You can see more pics of the house on our builder's Facebook Page, McAlister Construction, Inc.



  1. Absolutely stunning! This is seriously dream home material for me. You did such a great job!

  2. That laundry room and craft room are amazing!!


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