April 13, 2014

Rebuild Update: Weeks 32-34

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Since I got so far behind with updates I thought I'd just combine the last 3 weeks in one post.

Week 32-34 Exterior Paint

Week 32

This week the interior painting was finished and the countertops and hardware were installed (although some of my hardware hadn't come in yet and wasn't installed until week 33).

Week 33

The tile guys came back out and worked on laying the rest of the tile. Grout is the only thing left for the tile and we have been told this is one of the very last things they do.

The Electrician came back in to work on the final electrical and got most of the light fixtures and electrical plates installed. Toward the end of the week most of my appliances were installed.

Along with the electrical work, The shutters on the outside windows were installed.

Week 34

Week 34 included the remainder of the light fixtures being hung, the plumbing fixtures were installed as well as my dishwasher. At then end of the week, the hardwood floors were stained!

All that's left is carpet, grout for the tile, the final cleanup, our final walkthrough and then touchups!

This will be my final rebuild post until the final reveal!

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