March 24, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 31

I can't believe we are on week 31 of our build. That's almost 8 months! I'm trying really hard not to focus on the fact that we were supposed to be moving this week. However, we're getting closer to moving day!New Mills Rebuild Logo


Well, this past week was week #2 of painting. I didn't think our paint job would be that difficult but I guess it is more so than I imagined.

These painters are unlike any other painters I've witnessed. They actually tape and cover everything (which is actually quite nice because our last house had overspray on the walls and kitchen backsplash and it wasn't pretty).

Once the stained cabinets were finished and dry, they covered them in plastic so not to get paint on them when they painted the trim and other cabinets. Now that all the cabinets and trim are stained/painted, they have covered it all so there will be no overspray on them from when the walls are painted. All the work going in to protecting the stuff that has already been painted has taken twice as long as it does to paint but you will hear no complaints from me. It will be done right and that's exactly how I want it.

I did end up going with a total of 5 colors. Oops. Totally not what I originally planned but I have no regrets. For our cabinets I chose one stain color and one paint color and then I chose 3 shades of gray for the walls….not 50 because well, that would just be ridiculous (see what I did there? Ha!) Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Anyway, I don't have pictures of any of the wall colors yet (that's happening this week) but since I know that everyone always wants to see pictures, here you go!

Week 31-Master Bath Cabinets Week 31-Painted Mud Bench

Paint is supposed to be done by Thursday of this week. I've been told they need 30 days from paint to finish everything so if that's the case, we are in the home stretch!

If you would, please pray for no delays these next 30 days. Although we are officially in Spring (which means storms), I really hope to be back in our home and close to our storm shelter before May, which is typically when our storm season hits it's peak.



  1. Looks great! Praying these next few weeks go well and you all can call your new house "home" very soon!!


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