March 15, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 30-Paint & Stain

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We started off our thirtieth week of rebuilding with quite a scare…

On Monday we had a little bit of a scare with a fire. My grandpa (who lives next door to us) had sold some scrap metal and the guy who bought it was using a torch cutter to cut it up on an extremely windy day no less. What was he thinking?!?! Anyway, long story short, he caught the grass on fire and the wind quickly swept it across my grandparents back yard and into ours. The fire came within about 20 feet of our house (WAY to close for my comfort). Thank goodness the closest fire department is only a mile away and they were there within minutes.

Week 30-Fire-1
Week 30-Fire Proximity-2

Also on Monday they added the stone bases to the columns on our front porch and we now have a mailbox! On Wednesday they installed our septic system.

Week 30-Stone Columns-3Week 30-Mailbox-4

So we were told the paint would begin two weeks ago but after over a week of waiting, they finally got started last Saturday when they began the prep work

The first thing they do is stain so they said they were waiting on me to pick and approve a stain color when in reality, I knew and had told them the color I wanted so I was actually waiting for them to get it right. After going back and forth a few times, they finally got the color I had asked for weeks ago.

They finally started staining on Tuesday and I am in love with the color!

Week 30-Island Stain-5

They did get a little stain happy though and stained the master closet and my craft room cabinets which are supposed to be painted white. No worries though, they're going to fix it.

By the end of the week they started priming all the trim and cabinets that will be painted white. They are also working today. As of yesterday they had a little over half of the house primed so hopefully they'll get the rest primed today so they can start painting on Monday. My hopes are that they'll be done mid next week so that tile and countertops can be installed.

Week 30-Primed Kitchen-6

Other than the exterior paint, weather should not be a factor from here on out. We have storms forecasted for today but the rest of this week is supposed to be clear.


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