February 4, 2014

The Magical Powers of Popcorn

Toddler Snack-Popcorn

I think I have mentioned this before but TnT are the most pickiest toddlers I know.

Yes, I know that's a pretty bold statement since most toddlers are picky but I'm serious here. All the things they used to love they not longer touch. They won't even come near it. I can probably count on one hand the foods they will eat consistently.

One thing they will never refuse? Popcorn. My sister introduced it to them a few months ago. They are obsessed with it. We're talking pushing each other down and literally stepping on/over each other to be the first one to grab their bowl.

I figure it's not too bad for them, right? I mean it's healthier than most of the junk food they tend to gravitate to.

It's also a great bribery tool. If I need 10 minutes of peace & quiet all I have to do is pop (pun intended) a bag in the microwave and in approximately 3 minutes the only sounds I hear are munching sounds from their tiny toddler mouths.

Magical Powers of Popcorn

So tell me, what is the one food that your toddler will never refuse?


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