February 25, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 27-Concrete & Cabinets!

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Finally, the over due (yet again) update. There has been quite a bit of progress this past week.


The concrete crew came out and set the forms for the porch, driveway, sidewalks and back patios.


The concrete was laid for the front porch & driveway.

 photo 2 (55) photo 1 (59)


MY CABINETS WERE DELIVERED!!! I am SO happy with my cabinets. They were definitely worth the wait! Our cabinet maker thought of everything! I, of course, had a list of things I wanted but he went above and beyond and added things I didn't think of….like rollouts on every lower cabinet (well, except for two cabinets where rollouts didn't really make much sense).


Installing cabinet continues.


Cabinet install is complete and all the trim was finished!

photo 1 (60) photo 3 (35) photo 2 (56)


This morning I met our builder at the house to go over a couple of things and when I pulled up, there were people everywhere! Trim carpenters were doing some last minute finishes on the cabinets before the door/drawer fronts were delivered. Shutters were being constructed, the last of the concrete work was being done and the granite people were out doing measurements.

photo 3 (34) 

We also went to the granite shop to finalize our choices and I changed my sink choice from a 60/40 stainless steel sink to a Silgranit single basin sink. I helped my best friend move into her house this past weekend and she has a single basin sink that I fell in love with so after going through the pros and cons for both, I decided to upgrade to the single basin. There's that 'upgrade' word again. Is it sad that I don't even flinch now when I'm told, "that'll be an upgrade"? I think I might be immune to it now.


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