February 2, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 24-Second verse same as the first

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…only with a not so happy ending. More on that later.

Trim work continued this week. They finished out the master closet, the master tub surround, my pantry (OHMYGOSH MY PANTRY!!), the window sills, the fire place mantle (it's truly finished now…trim wise)  and most of the baseboards.

I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it was to customize every closet in this house. I must admit I had a little trouble coming up with what I wanted. The week before I was to meet the trim carpenter, I scoured Houzz for ideas but if you've ever been on Houzz, you know that practical ideas are sometimes hard to find. I was only able to come up with my master closet layout.

My apologies for the bad pictures. It's often just before sunset before we get to the house so it's usually pretty dark.

Master Closet Week 24-Master Closet

We, of course, had to tweak it a little bit because the Houzz closet is a little larger than our closet. Also, the cabinet maker is doing the drawer fronts for the dresser so we're still waiting on those.

The trim carpenter was very helpful and came up with the perfect layouts for the other closets in the house.

They finished all of the door casings. they had most of them done last week but needed to finish them off with the crown molding at the top.

Week 24-Hallway Casing Week 24-Pantry Casing

I was very surprised to see the casing on the doorway to my pantry! I just figured they'd do a regular door casing. I guess since I'm not going to have a door on it, they decided to do it like the others. I'm certainly not complaining. They also installed the rollouts in the center cabinet. Again, the cabinet maker is making the doors to the middle base cabinet so we're waiting on those.

I only thought the fireplace was done. I love how the baseboards just finished it off! They also completed the stairs this week. Complete with handrail.

Week 24-Fireplace Week 24-Stairs

I was happy to finally see that our interior doors were delivered (all except four….we're still waiting on those).

Week 24-Craft Room Doors Week 24-Interior Doors

Now to the not so happy ending to our week. As I stated, a couple times before, we are waiting on the cabinet maker.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Our cabinets were supposed to be done and delivered on Friday but due to circumstances beyond their control, our cabinets have been delayed at least a week. I may have cried a little when I found this out because we are at the point where this pretty much delays everything. To make matters worse? We are expecting round 1 of 3 snowstorms this weekend, the next one is expected Monday*ish and the last one is expected Thursday*ish.

Have I mentioned how I'm SO over this winter? That dang groundhog better not see a shadow!


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