February 6, 2014

Patience is not a virtue I currently possess…

Ever since the news of our delay on the house I have been a little bit of a slump.

I am so anxious to get out of this apartment. We are on top of each other here. There's no space to run, to have quiet time to yourself. Every nook and cranny is filled with stuff…and not even stuff that needs to be purged, it's stuff we use often.

I don't even care to try to clean or organize here. I do the bare minimum.

I have even started talking about packing. Like NOW. Surely we can live with even less?

Or maybe not.

Old Man Winter isn't helping either. He's super cranky this year. The cold and the snow and the ice are keeping us prisoner in this second story apartment. It sucks and I'm over it.

In my boredom and lack of motivation to clean, I escape to Pinterest and Houzz where I dream about decorating our new house.

I'm chomping at the bit to go buy a new couch for the family room.

I'm dying to try a bunch of new recipes. Recipes I don't dare to attempt here because I don't have the room nor do I have all the supplies. Our kitchen here is equipped with the bare essentials. I mean, until I went on the hunt and dug my Pampered Chef batter bowl out of storage, I was using my crock pot insert as a mixing bowl.

Keeping the girls busy so they will stay out of trouble has been a HUGE challenge. Every time I find a craft or activity that I want to do with them I am suddenly snapped back into reality and remember that I don't have the necessary supplies or the space to do them.

So we color. A LOT.

And do a lot of Target dollar spot crafts.

And after those five minutes are over, they are climbing the walls…and getting into stuff they don't need to be in….and destroying things.

We have 9 weeks until our contract closing date. It seems so close yet so far away.

We have been without a home for eight months. Approximately ten months (or more) by the time we move back home. Yes, we have a roof over our heads and we are thankful for that but it's just not home.

What little patience I do have is starting to wear thin. I'm hanging on by a thread.


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