February 10, 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Not feeling the meal planning much this week. We had some expenses that dipped into my grocery budget so we are eating "light" this week.

I had originally planned to carry over a couple meals from last week that we didn't have then fill in with sandwiches but when I went to the store today for some staples like milk and coffee (Yes, coffee is too a staple! Especially when you have 2 two year old toddlers that are suffering from major cabin fever.) and they were having a pretty good sale on some items. And actually, some of the items I bought today will go on next week's menu.

I was shocked, no appalled at the price of ground beef! I usually buy it at the butcher counter rather than pre-packaged because it's usually cheaper but today it was over a dollar more per pound than what I usually pay! And the pre-packaged stuff was even more! I ended up purchasing ground chicken as a substitute. The bright side is it's healthier, right?

Feb 9-15 2014 Meal Plan

Last night (Sunday), we had Chicken Enchilada Casserole and Black Beans. We had plenty left over so that is what we will have tomorrow night (Tuesday). I haven't planned anything for this coming Saturday yet but I'm thinking since I got Taco Shells and Refried beans today for $0.50/each (without coupons), we might be having Baked Tacos.


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