January 14, 2014

Why you shouldn't take your toddler(s) grocery shopping.

I don't mind going grocery shopping…especially if I go by myself. However, I prefer going during a weekday when the store is less busy. This means I have to take the girls with me.

This week I was really brave and let them walk instead of ride in the cart. Considering I have a runner, most people who know us are probably thinking I was crazy for doing so. However, it was a fairly quick trip and they did pretty well.

Now to the reason why you shouldn't take your toddlers with you. Because the girls did so well, I let them pick one flavor of Pop-tarts. Because of this, I didn't pay attention and realize that the flavor they chose was NOT on sale and therefore I spent more than I should have.

Total Spent $4.85 copy

Here is the breakdown of what I spent on the items in the picture above:

(1) Eckridge Smoked Sausage – $1.89
     On sale for $2.99, used a $0.55 coupon that doubled to $1.10

(2) Knorr Rice Sides – $0.50/each
     On sale for $1.00/each, used a $0.50 coupon that doubled to $1.00

(2) Pop-Tarts, Frosted Strawberry – $0.16/each
     On sale for $1.66/each, used (2) $0.75 coupons* that each doubled to $1.50
(1) Pop-Tarts, Confetti Cupcake – $0.99
     On sale for $2.49, used (1) $0.75 coupon* that doubled to $1.50
     (This is the flavor that wasn't on sale. Otherwise they would have been $0.16 as well)

So I spent $4.85 saving 71%!!

*Coupons were "purchased" from Kelloggs Family Rewards with points I received from entering codes off product packaging.

To learn how to coupon, check out my Non-Extreme Couponing Series.


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