January 28, 2014

TnT: 30 Months

We are in a phase where there is always a little frustration each day but the good moments/days are outweighing the bad.

Sleeping and eating are our biggest issues. Getting them to eat is such a battle. They have even started not eating the things they used to love like pb&j and spaghetti. It's maddening! Nap time and bed time are hard right now too. It is very apparent that they still need naps but yet they often refuse to settle down and go to sleep. I don't really enforce the sleeping part. I just want them to be quiet and rest. Instead, they are often giggling and playing until they finally pass out about 20 minutes before I have to wake them up. (I don't let them sleep late into the afternoon or they really won't sleep at night!)

They are getting along really well. Sure, they have little tiffs here and there but what sisters don't? They are inseparable. Fits are had if they are ever separated. Even if I'm trying to get one on one time with them….they want nothing of it. They just want each other.

They are rambunctious little girls. Very entertaining but boy can they get pretty wild.

We are working on cleaning up the toys. They are both pretty good at it…when they want to be. When we move back home, a lot of the toys will be put away and rotated out. It's just hard to do that here in the apartment because we have no free space.

T1 30 Months


  • Full of sass
  • Loves to cheese for the camera
  • Talking like she's five.
  • Likes to boss her sister around
  • Is very polite…says, "peassss" or "pitty peassssss" "tank ewe" and "you wecome"
  • Is very much a rule follower. She always asks if it's ok for her to do anything before she does it.
  • Dramatic. She can fake a fit like no body's business. She thinks it will get her whatever she wants. I've caught on….daddy is just now on to her antics. :)
  • Loves her bows and clothes.
  • Counts to three and can count by two's "2, 4, 6"
  • Loves music

T2 30 Months


  • Quiet and Curious
  • Hates the camera (I have to take pics of her when she's not expecting it)
  • Just now starting to talk where we can understand her. Tillie seems to understand her most of the time but doesn't really talk for her.
  • Has a little bit of a temper. Hitting, biting and growling are her vices. I really think it's frustration of not being able to communicate what she wants just yet.
  • Is very sensitive. Doesn't like getting in trouble and when she does, most of the time she covers her face like she's embarrassed or something (when she's not growling).
  • Totally not a rule follower and very good at throwing the infamous 2 year old tantrum.
  • She's a runner….as in runs away from me any chance she gets when we are out.
  • Loves to read books, color, and studies every detail of things.
  • Is a shoe girl (like her mommy). Can put her shoes on by herself.
  • Serenades me all the time.



  1. Our girls are so similar it's scary! Allie is just like Tillie and Addie like Tensley. Don't you just love this age? We are having the same sleep battles- it drives me mad. And some days they help clean up and some days they just disobey for the fun of it. I just hope 3 is better (though I've heard it's not!) hang in there friend and I will too!

  2. They are so cute!! Totally opposite like mine it sounds like :) the eating thing drives me insane!! Mine go to end quite a bit with no dinner...so frustrating! This post reminds me I need to so their 2 year one! Hope you are having a great weekend!!


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