January 21, 2014

This is Real Life Y'all.

I decided early on that I was not going to just stay at home with the girls all day. While I was working, I always dreamt about being able to get out and run my errands during the day when there were less crowds to fight. So, at around 8-10 weeks old, the girls went with me to run my errands.

When you leave the house with twins there's always 2 carriers to unload & carry, or 2 car seats to load and buckle up, double strollers to maneuver in and out of narrow isles, pushing one shopping cart and pulling another one (when they were still in carriers) when going to the grocery store (and it always made my carpal tunnel flare up). It's always a challenge to leave the house with twins but I do it anyway.

As they get older, the challenges become greater, like how do I get them to sit still and behave? I'll try anything just to get my errands done. I've taken lots of snacks, books and coloring books. Sometimes I let them walk instead of ride in the basket (which I rarely do because I have a runner). Sometimes my ideas work and other times they don't. For example, let's talk about a recent trip to Target.

The girls have been on a popcorn kick lately so I've been using it to bribe them to behave. This past Sunday, I needed a few things so off to Target we went. My first stop was at the snack bar to get the little monkeys some popcorn. I got them all settled in the basket with their popcorn and then we were off to shopping!

photo 1 (53)

Aren't their pigtails just the cutest? I don't do them often because getting a straight part on a moving target…..

Anyway, my first mistake was not sticking to the list. Against my better judgment, I made a pit stop in the clearance section of the clothing department. About 10 minutes into our shopping trip, they start giggling and playing. Which wasn't bad but they kept standing up.

And then they started doing this….

photo 2 (49)

Yes, that is them wrestling IN. THE. BASKET.

Now when you picture mom's having a hard time shopping with their children, you imagine whining and begging and fit throwing, right? Well thankfully, my girls don't do that very often but the giggling and carrying on can be just as frustrating. Especially when they are on the verge of falling out of the basket on their heads and you have to tell them 12,893 times to sit down. For the love, please sit down!

After about 20 more minutes of this (yes, I endured this for another 20 minutes) and seeing people staring and smiling at me (I got no sympathy for my rambunctious girls….but I guess I should just be thankful they weren't giving me the stink eye.) I grabbed the diapers that I absolutely needed and we left.

I was so flustered and tired that I didn't even say a word all the way to the car. I loaded up the girls and before I got out of the parking lot, I looked back and saw this….

photo 3 (34)

I SO wished I could have joined them. A nap would have been awesome that day.

So this is real life for me right now. I am loving that they are getting along so well right now but boy is it exhausting being their mother. Regardless, I don't for a minute take for granted what I have and how much I've been blessed.

P.S. Aren't sleeping babies just the best & cutest thing ever?!


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  1. OMG this sound like my Target outings! I always do popcorn too and have them in the twin carts but they always end up standing and then pulling items off shelves, etc. it's always crazy and I'm usually even more stressed after :/ glad to hear I'm not alone haha!


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