January 25, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 23-Doors, Trim & Tile

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It's been a busy, busy week at the house this week!


We finally got our garage doors installed….the correct garage doors that is.

Our interior doors were supposed to be delivered this week but there are a couple of doors that were backordered or something so they haven't delivered any of the doors. A little frustrating if you ask me. The trim carpenter told me there were like 27 doors in our house and they are anxious to get them hung. I mean seriously, deliver the ones you have already!

This sort of relates to doors….we are now to the point where the house is locked down every night! This means we are just that much closer to being done!


The trim is coming along wonderfully! They've started the baseboards and casings for the openings, most of the closets are done, the crown molding in the Master bedroom is done, the wainscoting in the dining room is done. OH! And my mantle is done and I L-O-V-E it!!!!

Week 23-Wainscoting
Week 23-Closet Week 23-Door Casing Week 23-Linen Closet Week 23-Master Trim
Week 23-Mantle


The tile is a little slow moving. It was supposed to be done last week but they needed electricity to the house in order to grind down the old grout & glue from the yucky linoleum we had before. The electric company was dragging their feet until hubby called and used his stern voice. We had electricity by the end of that day, LOL. Anyway, with the trim guys working in the house, it's been hard for the tile guys to lay tile so they've been laying a little at a time. As of today, the laundry room, kitchen, mud and main bathrooms have been tiled (but not grouted).

Week 23-Kitchen & Tile

If everything goes as planned, we'll have cabinets by the end of next week. That's a big "if" in my book because almost nothing in regards to this house has been on schedule. :)

I can't believe we're getting so close! Like less than 8 weeks (hopefully)!!


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  1. SO close!! It is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!


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