January 18, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 22-Flooring

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It seemed like a lot happened this week but in preparing for this post it actually wasn't that much. I guess it was just that I was busy this week.

Our wood floors went in Tuesday and Wednesday. They're pretty now but they're going to be even prettier when they are stained (I may be a little biased).

Week 22-Wood Floors
Yes, that is Tensley wearing white patent shoes. She insisted and I chose not to fight that battle.

We are now able to let the girls run free in the house and they go CA-RA-ZY! They run in circles through the bathroom to the guest bedroom and up and down the hall…squealing and laughing the whole time. Sometimes we lose them & eventually find them hiding in a closet. I think they approve of the new layout. :) 

On Wednesday, I stopped by the house after some errands and ran into the trim carpenter. He was there to meet our builder to go over a materials list. Since I was there too we just decided to go over the closets and pantry so I got to choose my designs for them right then and there! Trim work is supposed to start next week! NEXT WEEK!!!!

Also this week:

  • The texture in the stairway was finished. Texture is done!
  • The electric meter was put in. We officially have power to the house!
  • We finalized our cabinetry plans (we only had a couple of changes)
  • Paint colors were somewhat finalized (I requested to see the paint swatches on the wall)
  • I changed our selection for the cabinetry hardware.
  • We finalized our choice for the fireplace surround…sort of. Ha!
  • I requested yet another light to be put in….over the kitchen sink.

There are lots of things scheduled for next week. I'd tell you what they are but I'm afraid I'd jinx us! ;) You'll just have to wait until next week to find out.


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