January 12, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 21-Brick, Stone & Texture

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We had good progress this week!

Our brick and stone is finished! Well, mostly. The stone mason will come back after the porch and patio concrete is poured and do the stone bases for our posts and the brick layers will come back and do our mailbox.


The walls have been textured! Ok, everything but the stairway. Honestly, I don't blame them for waiting to do that at the end. I assume they'll finish that tomorrow-ish since there's lots of things scheduled to be done this week.


We are supposed to get our permanent garage doors this week (the wrong ones were ordered so we have temporary doors), texture is supposed to be finished, and the wood and tile floors are supposed to be laid (they have LOTS of cleaning up to do before they can lay floors).

We got our cabinet drawings and renderings this week and ohmygosh I am SO excited! Seeing my cabinets in 3D was the highlight of my week!! And let me just say that I am even more excited about my kitchen than I was before. My craft room is a close 2nd. If you ever come to visit and can't find me, I'll be in one of those rooms. :)

The weather is supposed to be awesome this week (it was 70 degrees today!) so let's hope there's lots of worker bees out there all this week. 


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