January 4, 2014

Rebuild Update: Week 20-Pleasant Surprises

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Well, we made some progress this week then were told to expect some more delays. The freezing temps here are killing us! It is not normal for us to have so many days of below freezing temps here in Oklahoma. It's wreaking havoc on our plumbing.

However, there is some good news…..

Last Monday we were scheduled to get the rest of the insulation. The sub-contractor hired to do the job came out and put in the the insulation bats for the soundproofing and in the garage and installed netting for the blown in insulation. Then they went M.I.A (more bad news). After several phone calls made by our contractor, we finally had insulation on Monday (yay, more good news!)!

photo 2 (41)

We were told that the sheet rock crew had started another job while we were waiting on insulation and would start on our house as soon as they were done (probably Thursday or Friday) but much to our surprise, they showed up on Tuesday and started hanging the dry wall! They pretty much finished the job on New Year's day.

photo 4 (20)
Looking into kitchen and family room.

photo 5 (9)
Formal Dining Room

We were told we were going to be on hold for a few days until we could get heat in the house (so the workers could use the water without it freezing in the lines) but again, much to our surprise, the gas meter was hooked up and they were able to tape and bed yesterday!

photo 1 (47)
Master bedroom

photo 2 (43)
Front Entry

We haven't been out yet today to see if there's been any more progress. Hopefully, we'll be surprised again. ;)


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