December 31, 2014

2014 Christmas Wrap Up

Whew! What a month! We had a lot of fun but I'm glad it's over and am ready to start a new year!

We started our Christmas activities right after Thanksgiving when we went to look at Christmas lights and then started decorating our home.

12 01 14_9715
12 16 14_9525

The first week of December we visited the North Pole Adventure where we went to elf school, had milk and cookies, made toys and visited Blitzen and Vixen.

12 11 14_9604 12 11 14_9610
12 11 14_9599

We started the second week of December hosting the first of three family gatherings at our house. I think there were approximately 45 people in our house that day. Fortunately, we had enough space for everyone to spread out and not feel like we had a packed house. The kids gathered in the playroom and the men gathered in the theatre room while the women hung out in the family room and chatted.

12 14 14_9578

We also visited Santa at Bass Pro. Tillie was all about Santa. She jumped right up in his lap. Tensley, for some reason, was a little skeptical which was weird because she ran right up to Santa at the North Pole Adventure.

12 17 14_9518
12 17 14_9511

The week before Christmas, JMac had surgery on his foot/ankle and started an 8 week non-weight bearing recovery. Oy.

12 19 14_9493

On Christmas morning we woke up early to see what Santa had brought us and open gifts from each other.

12 25 14_044212 25 14_045012 25 14_0451

Then my family came over. We ate, read the story of the birth of our Savior (where Tensley began to nod off), sang happy birthday to Jesus and then opened presents.

12 25 14_045212 25 14_0474

The day after Christmas, JMac's family came over. As people were arriving, I was taking Tillie to the doctor where she was diagnosed with her first ever ear infection. :(

12 26 14_9427

Tensley has this opening presents thing down. There was paper flying everywhere!

12 26 14_0426

I'm not sure what's going on in this picture but it cracks me up. Typical TnT.

12 26 14_0441

On Saturday, we woke up to snow! Sadly, we couldn't go out and play in it due to the fact that Tillie was still sick, I woke up sick and JMac, of course, was unable to go out.

12 27 14_9418

The girls and I are still sick (Tensley started having symptoms yesterday) so we have all just been resting and trying to recoup. It's been nice laying around not doing much of anything.

December 30, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Holiday Home

I meant to post this earlier this month but I apparently took a little hiatus from the blog. But hey, it's still December so I'm squeezing it in. :)

2014  Christmas Home Tour

Since we lost every bit of our Christmas décor last year, I had to start over this year. It was overwhelming to say the least. What made it even harder was that we hosted 3 Christmas gatherings this year so I wanted everything to look festive without going overboard. I also kept in mind that we will probably be collecting things to add to the décor  in the years to come.

I think our formal area is my favorite. I love how simple yet elegant it looks. There's only a few things I'd like to add for next year.


Christmas-Formal-Area-Tree Christmas-Formal-Side-Table
Christmas-Formal-Area-PianoChristmas-Formal-Chalkboard Christmas-Formal-Deer-HeadChristmas-Formal-Dining Christmas-Formal-Dining-Tab

The family room is a little more whimsical. The tree in there is our main tree and it's where Santa leaves the presents so I wanted to create a fun look for the girls.

Christmas-Family-Rm-Be-Joll Christmas-Mantle-Detail Christmas-Mantle-Detail_2
12 15 14_9561-19 12 15 14_9562-20

Last but not least, we have the playroom. I used the tree and decorations we bought last year while we were living in the apartment. It's a small slim tree so it fit perfectly tucked into a corner of the playroom.

Christmas-Playroom-Gingerbr Christmas-Playroom-Tree-Det

I'm going to be a little sad about packing up the Christmas décor. Our house will look a little bare without it for a while since I am still working on our every day décor.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Be sure to come back next year to see what I've added through the year.

2014 Christmas Home Tour

December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Monday! Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving? We sure did. Alllll weekend!

If you haven't seen on Instagram or Twitter yet, I'm having a Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop!

photo 2 (80)

If you're a loyal reader, you probably noticed I didn't post a meal plan for this week. Well, that's because we had so many leftovers that we will probably be eating them all week! I'm gonna have to get a little creative with all that ham and turkey.

Saturday, I had my family back over for ham sliders using the leftover ham. Then we went to look at Christmas lights…but not before we all stopped at Starbucks because everyone knows you have to have hot coffee or hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights.

Santa Lights 2014
photo 5 (14)

Last night I made a turkey casserole using our leftover turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy. It was delicious! In hindsight though, it could have used a little more gravy.

Sorry about the horrible pic. Had I remembered that I was going to blog about it, I would have taken a much better picture. This was before it went into the oven.

photo 1 (84)

I think I'll also make a turkey pot pie (or two…one to freeze) this week and maybe try my hand at some turkey sliders. The little bit of ham that's left is screaming to be made into my Great Aunt Lydia's ham loaf. Time to hunt down that recipe! I hope I have it somewhere.

I'm pretty sure we'll be tired of turkey and ham by the end of this week. I may have to come up with something different for Christmas…..

November 25, 2014

Fall Home Tour

Fall Home Tour

Ok so it's not really so much a home tour as it is a look what I threw together last minute kind of tour. You see, since we are still trying to buy furniture and decorate the walls, I didn't want to spend a bunch of money replacing our holiday décor this year. Plus, I wanted to save my money so I could spend a little more on Christmas décor since TnT are very much into Christmas this year.

With that said, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year so I figured I should decorate a little bit for the occasion. So here we go…..

Guests will be greeted by a little woodland scene (?) when they walk in the door with a little scarecrow and a cute little fox.

Fall Entryway-7
Entryway Scarecrow-8 Entryway Squirrel-9

In the formal dining room I created a little centerpiece from candle rings and these cute little burlap pumpkins. I keep forgetting to get candles for those candlesticks. ::sigh::

Fall Formal Dining-4
Formal Dining Pumpkins-6

In the family room I added some pumpkins and acorns to a little tray I have on our dresser behind the couch.

Pumpkin Tray-1

The mantle is decorated with my hello Fall print, pumpkins, and a 'Thankful' banner that I designed on a whim one night.

Fall Mantle-2hello fall mantle-3

So that's my fall décor for this year. I'm sure I'll be adding to it in the years to come. I love decorating for holidays!

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