December 12, 2013

TnT at the Movies

I have been wanting to take the girls to the movies since they were about a year old. Some advised against it and some said go for it. I decided to wait until the right movie came out.

I started hearing about Frozen before it came out in theatres and thought it might be a good one to take the girls to see but was still a little hesitant. Then everyone started talking about how well their toddlers did so I started thinking maybe this was the one.

It wasn't until one day about a week ago when I was entering reward codes from my Kellogg boxes and somehow got a free ticket to the movie that I decided we were going!

When I was planning out our week, I decided to go on Wednesday (yesterday) and drag my mom along with us so we could bookend the girls in case they decided to get up and roam.

Frozen Movie

The girls LOVE popcorn so instead of stocking up on snacks, I decided to buy them some popcorn at the theatre. I had envisioned them sitting in their seats staring at the screen in awe of the movie while munching on their buckets of popcorn.

It didn't go quite like that.

We got to the theatre late so they had just dimmed the lights when we walked into the theatre.  We decided to sit in the back row in case we had to make a quick exit and as we were trying to get the girls settled, the previews came on and Tillie instantly starts crying because the loudness scared her. Then Tensley started whimpering. My mom was trying to get herself situated so she could hold Tensley and at some point, Tensley's popcorn got tossed about and ended up on the floor. While I was trying to get settled with my arms full of coats, blankies, the diaper bag and our snacks from the concession stand, Tillie's popcorn tipped over in the tray I was carrying and also ended up on the floor. Thankfully, there were only 2 other families in the theatre.

This WAS NOT going as I had envisioned it would. I tend to see the best case scenario when planning events and outings…maybe I should start envisioning the above scenario.

Anyway, we finally got settled. My mom and I each had a toddler who had been comforted by pacis and blankies and then the movie started.

I think Tillie had her face covered or partially covered by her blankie through the majority of the movie but she sat still through the whole thing. Tensley decided she didn't want to sit so she stood up through the movie watching it through the space between the seats in front of us. They both seemed to enjoy the movie though.

So now I have my first movie theatre experience with toddlers under my belt. I think….hope the next time will go a little smoother. I'll definitely make sure we get their long before the lights are dimmed.


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