December 28, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 19-Stand Still

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It was a holiday week so there wasn't much work done at the house this week. A little bit of brick and stone work is all.

The brick layers and stone masons have been using water from the house to use for mixing their mortar. Before the ice storm, they failed to turn the water off at the main connection so it froze in our pipes and caused some of the caps on the pluming inside to bust therefore causing flooding in the house. Several sheets of dry wall were ruined.

photo 1 (45)

It was discovered this week that some of the brick layer's equipment had been stolen. They had also attempted to steal some of the larger equipment that was chained down but thankfully, had no success in their attempts. This has been an issue in our area and all throughout the city of Moore since the tornado. I can't believe thieves are taking things from properties that have already lost so much. I don't remember if I posted about this but just days after the tornado, my grandparents, who live next door to us, had everything stolen out of their barn and then the next day, thieves came back and hauled off my grandpa's non-running truck. It was bad enough they lost their house and most of their belongings and then to have anything they had left stolen just broke my heart.

What a lovely Christmas at our house, huh? I sure hope 2014 brings better days and lots more progress.


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  1. Ugh how can people be so evil to steal from the victims of a tornado!!? Have you contacted the news/your local district attorney? After the Waldo Canon and Black Forest fires happened here in Colorado Springs, we had the same issues and the DA held a news conference to promise those affected by the fire and thefts that when the perpetrators get caught, they will be given the harshest punishments possible. So maybe if you contact your DA you can request the same outcome?


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