December 21, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 18-Brick & Stone

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back in business! The busy worker bees were back at the house this week. Here is a rundown of what has happened this week.

  • The framing around the windows was finished.
  • The opening to the pantry was fixed. Good bye pocket door! We decided to just do a cased in opening. I actually think I'll like not having a door much better.
  • Plumbing failed inspection.
  • The sweet girls in my bible study group and I wrote bible verses on the studs all throughout the house.

Week 18-Bible Verses

  • The brick and stone was started! I think it's going to take at least a week to get that done. I had no idea laying stone was so tedious.
    I LOVE our stone choice. I had posted before how hard it was choosing the brick and stone and worrying if they would go together. I'm so relieved that the brick and stone compliment each other well.

Week-18-Brick-on-East-sideWeek 18-Stone on MasterWeek 18-Stone Corner

  • Plumbing passed inspection!
  • They started insulating. They hope to be done Monday so they can start the drywall on Tuesday. I'm a little shocked they're actually working on Christmas Eve. However, they have the flooring scheduled to be laid on January 2nd so before that can happen the drywall has to be done.
  • We had an ice storm that hit last that I hope doesn't delay anything.

I can't believe it's Christmas already. It doesn't feel like Christmas. As of right now, we really don't have any plans with my father-in-law and we just decided what to for Christmas with my family. I'm in such a weird place right now. Not only are we displaced physically, but I constantly feel displaced mentally and emotionally as well. I'm just ready to feel "normal again".

And I'm ready to not feel like weather is controlling our lives!


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