December 4, 2013

Printables, Snowpocalypse and Flash Sales

I feel like this little blog hasn't been getting as much of my attention as it should. Being sick didn't help. I thought I'd just post some random stuff. It is Wednesday after all. ;)

I've been working on designs for my shop. I guess I just got a huge burst of creative energy because I can't stay away from my computer. Ideas just keep coming to me. If you happen to be looking for any Christmas printables (such as art and gift tags), head on over and check out my new stuff.

Speaking of shop stuff. I did a last minute Flash sale on Monday and since I didn't really give much notice, I think I'll try to do one on Friday. You'll want to check my IG feed because there will be some new stuff like this…..

Hint, hint: You can get it now, in my Etsy shop.

Much like the rest of the Midwest, we are preparing for Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse…whatever you want to call it. I'm really hoping that all the forecasts are wrong and we don't get much of it but as it stands, we are pretty close to the area that is going to get some of the heaviest freezing rain/sleet/snow.

My mom and dad came by on Sunday and they brought the girls a popcorn tin. They were in popcorn heaven. Thankfully, they don't care too much for the caramel corn….it's my favorite and how I prefer to eat popcorn. :)

I bought some fleece lined leggings a couple of weeks ago and I am now obsessed, OBSESSED with them! They are comfortable and warm but not too warm. I have yet to get hot in them. You need to go look up SouthernandSimplyClassic on Instagram and get you some!

Stay Warm and Safe!


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