November 20, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Last night, after thinking about yesterday's post, I came to the realization that if I just start my days with no expectations to get anything done, my days go a little better. I'm learning to accept that this is life with toddlers.

With fall comes falling leaves. Leaves everywhere apparently leads to leaf blowing. What I don't understand is why people in Oklahoma….where the winds come sweeping down the plains….blow leaves. It just seems pointless to me.

The house topic of last night was what to do about a pantry door. In the plan we had a pocket door but with the way everything worked out, the opening into the pantry ended up being behind the door into the laundry room so we are back to the drawing board. My thought is to just leave it open and just case in the opening. It's going to be set up somewhat like a butler's pantry so I'm not too concerned about it looking messy. Plus, it won't be that visible to people anyway .

Pantry Layout

We have very cold weather and possibly snow forecasted again starting this week. They're saying we will have highs in the 20's & 30's. I'm thinking about hibernating. BRRRR!!

There has been construction going on here at our apartment complex since we moved in and it's loud. For example, as I'm typing up this post there is hammering so loud it sounds like they are in the next room. Another frustrating thing about the construction is that they leave their trailers full of materials in the complex taking up 3-4 parking spaces and parking is already hard to come by here. It's the reason I try not to go anywhere in the evenings….because if I do, I end up having to park several buildings over and hike to I understand it needs to be done but sheesh!



  1. I'm having the same issue with the pantry door with my grandparent's new build that I'm consulting on... The door you need is a double swinging door like at a restaurant! Stays closed, but you can walk through from either side opening with your back when you have messy or full hands! My husband who used to work at a door and trim shop says it's just a matter of getting the right hardware (that swingy thing at the top and bottom). You should look in to it!

  2. We have a large pantry in our house and it doesn't have a door... I want to get one put in before the baby starts crawling just so I'm not constantly keeping him out of it... and if we ever have a dog, I don't want it in there. But, ours has open shelving so it's not necessarily pretty.


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