November 23, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 14-Weather Woes

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Nothing too exciting happened this week. The HVAC system is in and the electrical is mostly done. The plumber also came out late this week and got started on the rough-in plumbing. Apparently a clean up crew came out and cleaned up the yard because it's looks much better with all the scraps of wood and packaging for various materials gone.

Weather is starting to be our biggest issue right now. Winter weather that is. It's still technically Fall, right?! We had freezing temps and freezing rain/sleet yesterday so obviously no one was working. They have forecasted a pretty significant snow storm for tomorrow so I'm betting if that happens, Monday might be a no work day as well. Next week being a holiday makes me think activity won't really pick up until the next week.

I mentioned on Wednesday that we were having issues with a pantry door. We originally had a pocket door planned but it's just not going to work so I've decided to just go with a cased in opening. If we ever decide we want a door in the future, it will be possible with the size of the opening we have.

Now that we are approaching the holidays, I'm really, really ready to get back into our house. I'm trying to not let our current situation/living arrangement get me down but I'm failing miserably. I have good days and bad days but I'm looking forward to the better days that are coming. :)


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