November 17, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 13-Slowing Down

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This week has been a slow week on the house. Not a whole lot of progress was made.

Last week, they ran out of the siding for the dormers so they didn't get finished until this week. I can't wait to see them painted in the colors we chose. Hubs decided we needed lights in the dormers so we've chosen a chandelier for the middle and pendants for either side.

Week 13 Dormers

We're still waiting for the switch out for the fixed windows…which is why there are boards covering up the master and dining rooms. I think they're supposed to be delivered this week.

We were told that electrical, HVAC and plumbing would all be started (and almost finished) this week but that didn't happen. Actually, that's not true. The electrician came out on Monday and set some of the boxes for the outlets and switches. The HVAC system install started on Friday. The plan was to insulate on Wednesday but I'm thinking it may be the next Wednesday.

We did get our doors on Wednesday. They're nothing special so I don't have any pictures for you. We have a temporary door for the front so when they install our actual door, I'll post a pic.

Hubs is installing all the AV cables today. We saved quite a bit of money doing ourselves.

I'm hoping the progress picks back up this week. I'm tired of sharing pictures of the outside and am ready to see some inside progress. I'm sure you are too! :)



  1. Looks beautiful! Once the outside is complete, the inside will start moving faster. You'll be in there enjoying it in no time. :)


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