November 10, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 12–Dormers, Windows & Shingles

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This week has been all about the roof. I'm pretty sure we have one of the most complicated roofs ever. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but it has been a pretty tedious job for the framers.

They finally got the decking on and the dormers framed out.

Week 12 Decking

We had a rain delay on Tuesday but they were back at it on Wednesday putting up more trim, starting the siding on the dormers, and getting the rest of the decking in place.

The dormers are faux (also known as blind) dormers but hubby has decided he wants to put lights in there. So guess what. Yep, I had to pick out more lighting fixtures. Lighting budget? What lighting budget? I'm so tired of picking out light fixtures…there better not be something else come up that requires a light fixture or I'm going to scream!

Speaking of picking out stuff. One would think it would be fun when you're building a house but let me tell you, it's not. Okay, maybe it was for like the first 2 weeks but after that? Not so much. It makes your head spin. It gives you a headache. It is the source of heated discussions. It becomes something that you dread. Will I be happy once everything is done and in the house, absolutely. Do I want to do this again? No. Not Ever.

Our windows and fireplace were delivered on Thursday. I was totally not expecting the fireplace so soon! And the windows? Love them…however….yep, there's a however, as we were leaving the house Thursday evening, the guys were tacking them up. As I walked into the family room I noticed a big thick line through the window. The windows, every one of them, were single hung (can be opened) and not fixed (solid glass). In one of our pre-construction meetings, we discussed having some fixed windows just because they looked nicer. I discussed it with hubby and we decided we didn't want to live with the single hung windows so after a phone call the next morning, new windows were ordered and hopefully my fixed windows will be delivered this week.

I attempted a panoramic picture of the family room, kitchen and formal living/dining room. Keeping the arrow on that line is so dang hard! These 3 rooms will be the hub of the house. When we go out to check on the progress I always stand at the end of the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and I envision all the family gatherings, holidays and parties that will take place in this house. I cannot wait to watch the girls run & play through the house, to bake cookies with them in the kitchen, to lounge as a family on the couch in the family room while watching movies….I can't wait to create memories in this house.

Sorry for the grainy pic. Lighting isn't that great in the house just yet. ;)

Week 12-Family Kitchen Dining

On Friday the roofers were out putting the shingles on the roof! They came out to finish it on Saturday but ran out right as they got to the very peak of the roof. The framers ran out of the siding for the dormers too. Oops.

We drove by the house on the way to church this morning and I looked at hubby and said, "Whoa! Who's house is that?!" I can't believe it's our house. It looks soooo much different than our house did before.

Week 12 Roof

For comparison, here's an old pic of our house before the tornado.

You can kind of see the old house but doesn't the new one look so much better? :)



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