November 5, 2013

Rebuild Update: Week 11-Trim, Stairs & More Rafters

Oops, I'm long overdue on this update. Can't wait for my weekly update? Follow me on Instagram! I use the hashtag #millsrebuild on our rebuild update posts.

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I'm not sure what got me so behind this week. We just seem to be going a lot so sitting down at my computer has been very rare lately.

The progress seems like it has slowed down a bit but our roof is huge so getting the rafters up took quite a while…most of last week actually.

Week 11-Rafters Back

Once they added the stairs, we were able to go up in the loft above the garage where the media room and my craft room will be. I just about passed out when I saw the attic space! We could add another bedroom or two! (Not that it will be happening, or needed in the foreseeable future.) We'll just have lots and lots of storage space to accumulate and bunch more junk. Just kidding. I want to keep things simple going forward. Don't mark my words on that though. I've learned to never say "never". :)

Week 11-Attic

Once they got all the rafters up, they started on the trim and soffit. Our house now has eyebrows! :)

Week 11-Eyebrow Trim

Rumor has it the roof will have shingles by the end of the week. It's raining today so we'll see……

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