November 19, 2013

Mom Life: The Daily Schedule Experiment

About 3 weeks ago I wrote this post. I mentioned that I had made some observations about the girls and our days and had come up with a plan. Before I talk about the plan, let's talk about the observations.

During my mommy time out I replayed that day over and over in my head. One thing that stood out was that when the girls started to get out of hand and act out was usually when they were tired…and sometimes even hungry. No need to worry. I don't starve my children.

We are a lot busy now that before the tornado. We are on the go a lot. Some related to house stuff but also because I don't like to stay in the apartment much. My hunch was that I was pushing them to far….keeping them out way past their nap time and not letting them expend their energy with play time.

I was also getting frustrated because I wasn't able to get even the simplest tasks done because I was constantly dealing with out of control toddlers. This also left no time for "working" and my work is my creative outlet which is also my stress reliever. See where this is going? There are 2 things that will make this momma very cranky, sleep deprivation and not being creative. It's crazy how much not getting those two things can turn me into a psycho woman.

So here's where the plan comes in to play. The plan was to create a daily schedule for the three of us. The girls were on a schedule starting the day they were born (NICU's have strict schedules) so they tend to do well with having one. This schedule was created as more of a guideline for our days and ensures that we all get the rest we need.

So here's the schedule I came up with.

Daily Schedule

I was not crazy about me getting up at 6am but it was the only time I could think of that would allow me to get stuff done because I was usually too tired to do anything once we got the girls in bed every night. It actually isn't that bad since I'm going to bed earlier.

Something else this schedule allows for that we really didn't have before is time for me to have my quiet time and for us to have family time.

The schedule worked great for about a week or so and then I hit slammed into a wall. The girls' meltdowns and acting out did seem to get a little better and I was able to do a few more things than I was before but by 6pm I was ready to go to bed. Now we are sleeping until around 9 and I'm going to bed around 11. The girls, for the most part, are still on their nap and bed time schedule. I really think my thyroid levels are a factor in my energy levels right now and I am waiting on results from my recent labs to see if that's the case.

I absolutely plan on getting back to this schedule. I just have to figure out how to get some more energy!

I'll definitely post an update…when I have one.  :)





  1. We have almost the same schedule over here, except I don't get up before Owen because he sometimes wakes at 6am and sometimes closer to 7:30am -- and I don't set an alarm because I need the extra sleep if he's been up through the night too. Hope you can get more rest in there somewhere!!

  2. Making a schedule is a great idea! I definitely need to try this.


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