October 12, 2013

Rebuild Update: Foundation & Lighting

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So at the rate we are going right now, we should be back in the house sometime in 2015. Ok, that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but it's what it feels like right now.

As an old pro at building houses (we built the previous house so that makes me a pro, right? lol) I knew this beginning part was going to take for-ev-er and being in the midst of it, I can tell myself, "you were right". It doesn't make it any less agonizing and it doesn't make me any more patient.


We are actually making progress. The rest of the foundation was poured this week and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the rain doesn't cause too much trouble in getting the framing started. I'm ready to see some walls!

Foundation-Dining Room

The actual building of our house might be going a little slower than I'd like but we are going strong with selections and buying things like fixtures.

I am happy to say that all of our light fixtures for the house (interior and exterior) have been purchased. Believe it or not it took a long 3 weeks of researching, discussing, shopping, discussing, mulling over and discussing some more before we settled on the 43 fixtures needed for our house.

Yes, you read that right, FORTY-THREE fixtures. It's crazy to think about but walk through your house and count your fixtures, you might be surprised. I'd like to note, however, that there are fixtures we duplicated, like for the closets, double vanities, etc., so we didn't actually pick out 43 fixtures…although it certainly felt like it.

Lighting1Lighting Fixtures

That's pretty much it for this week. I'm hoping I have pictures of the new framing next week!

Stay tuned…..

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