September 14, 2013

Rebuild Update: Decisions

Mills Rebuild

So yesterday we had our pre-construction meeting.

We went over the plans. We discussed the electrical plan and the HVAC plan.

We discussed the plumbing.

We decided on the brick and rock placement.

We even discussed whether or not we wanted a flare out or eyebrows where the roof line comes down. Who knew this was even a thing?!

We did some more rearranging. We moved the fireplace from the formal living area to the family room. We changed the placement of the double oven and the microwave….and then we just changed it again this morning.

We came home with homework.


We were instructed to decide on our brick, stone and window colors ASAP because these companies are 5-6 weeks out with orders. I don't know why I was surprised by this I mean there are thousands of other people who are also rebuilding their houses so there was bound to be waiting times and backorders.

I was up late last night looking at pictures and then again this morning, James and I have been looking at and discussing colors. I think, for now, we have decided on these colors for our exterior.

Exterior Colors

For the brick, I want to use a color that blends a little more than the picture above. We are still discussing weather to use mortar or do a dry stack for the stone….I'm campaigning for the dry stack. Who knew there was a choice? I've already built one house and I am still learning new things this go round.

I'm not 100% on the window trim. Our options are white, clay and almond. The choice above is supposed to be almond but the almond I saw in person didn't quite look like this one does. So the jury is still out on this one.

The primary color is what we want for the front door, posts on the front porch and the shutters. We also plan to have the garage doors a dark brown. The secondary color will just be on the dormers. I'm still not 100% on this one either. I worry that it's a little too orange.

One thing we did realize this morning was that we will still have to pick out the shingles and the guttering. Ugh, will it every end?! Can we just skip to the really fun part like wall colors and cabinet styles and colors?

So. Many. Decisions.

My head literally hurts from thinking about all this!

Also? There is no truer test on your communication skills with your spouse than when you build a house…..or two.

Oh and the biggest news for this update? There is a possibility that we will have at least part of our foundation done by end of next week. However, I noticed there is a chance of rain every day this week. Every. Day. It figures.

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