September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It's downright chilly here today. I left the house wearing cropped skinnies and a short sleeved shirt. I wish I had taken a jacket with me!


Fall is trying to make an appearance here this week. It's not that much cooler but it has cooled down a bit in the last couple of days. None of our highs for next week are in the 90's. I'm not a huge fan of Fall. It tends to be gloomy here in the Fall and I prefer sunshine. Winter is my least favorite of all seasons. Then comes Fall and now, for obvious reasons, Spring has made it onto the list of seasons I don't like. College football & the fact that I can wear my Uggs are what make Fall and Winter tolerable.


We are still having problems with crickets. We have to dodge them to get into our apartment. I'm sort of glad our apartment isn't on the ground floor because you literally could not walk to your door without stepping on a cricket…yes, they're that bad.

They are also still coming in to our apartment despite the complex spraying (we've even sprayed around the outside of our door) and if you know me, I HATE bugs and get totally creeped out if I have to kill one. The broom has been my choice of weapon against these flying/jumping creatures.

This morning, one snuck into the living room and right in the middle of where the girls were playing. Needles to say, there was lots of screaming and standing on chairs. I beat the cricket to death with the broom and then vacuumed it up (did I mention vacuuming up bugs, dead or alive, makes my toes curl? I hate it!)

The girls are still taking cover in a chair.

Hiding from Crickets

Disclaimer: I have been very careful to not show my fear/dislike of insects in front of the girls. Their fear came from an incident where, I believe, a cricket jumped on Tensley's back. This is another post for another day. :)


Our apartment complex changed ownership a month ago and ever since they have been making improvements. Right now they are replacing the roofs on all the buildings. There have been roofers working on our building and the building across from us so we've been watching them the last couple of days. Yesterday, we had some rain showers and at one point, the wind kicked up. It was like a monsoon! The rain was coming down sideways and roofing materials and such were blowing off the top of the buildings. The workers started yelling at each other and some started picking things up but most of them just kept on working! It was crazy!


On Wednesday I woke up a little late and the girls had started to wake up just as I was getting in the shower. I planned to get them out of bed once I had showered and gotten dressed. Well, then I got on the phone with my sister and the girls were giggling & playing so I just left them there a little longer. Big mistake. When I finally went in to get them, the first thing I noticed was that Tillie was pantless and then I noticed that Tensley was completely nekked! Girlfriend had taken not only her jammies off but had removed her diaper too! I, of course, ran to grab my camera but I will not be sharing that picture on here or any social media outlets. :)


Speaking of taking pictures of the girls. I finally figured out how to get them to sit together and stay still. They still don't both cooperate and look at me and smile at the same time but at least they're sitting together.


What I did was set them on a ledge in our apartment and held on to them from behind while James took a picture. It's an iPhone pic so it's not the greatest quality. Actually, it's horribly grainy. I'm so ready to get our new iPhones!

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