September 16, 2013

A Wicked Weekend

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

My head is still spinning from our meeting on Friday.

Saturday night James and I had a date night and went to see Wicked. I thought it was pretty good. I realize this might sound weird, because I like music, but it had more music in it than I would have preferred. Weird, I know. I will say, however, that the girl that played Elphaba had an incredible voice and Defying Gravity was my favorite song.

I did sneak a pic of the stage before the show started. The set was also amazing.

Wicked Stage

On Sunday, I helped move my grandparents into their new home. They live next door to us & their house was also totaled due to the May 20th tornado. It was a family affair…and somewhat of a family reunion. I got to see cousins I hadn't seen it several years.

Moving Gma & Gpa Home

We were able to get them settled for the most part. Their clothes were pretty much the only thing that was left to unpack. This week I plan to get a few things for them that they didn't have like bath towels and dish rags and toothbrush holders, etc. That's the bad thing about tornados…the salvageable stuff is boxed up as quickly as possible and thrown into storage until you can get settled so it's hard to know what you have & don't have until you actually move and unpack. They didn't even have sheets or blankets!

Even though they lost a lot in the tornado, my poor grandma had to give up even more stuff since their new house is much smaller than their previous one. When she decided to let go of this clock, I gladly volunteered to take if off her hands. :)

Vintage Clock

Isn't it cute?! I plan to paint it a bright pink and put it in the girls room in the new house.

Cursif Signature

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