September 18, 2013

A Blogiversary


Ok, so technically I haven't been a mom for 3 years just quite yet. However, most of my posts have been as a mom. :)

I have, just in the last year, started posting pretty regularly so I thought I'd share my favorite posts from each year I've blogged. Just so you know, this was not an easy task!

Since I started blogging in the fall of 2010, there weren't many posts I had to sort through. However, there is one post that stands out and that's the post where I tell the world that we are finally pregnant.

The next year, 2011, was a very very tough year. Not because of my pregnancy….that was actually pretty easy, but because of unexpected accidents and deaths in our family. But the best part of 2011, of course, was when the girls were born. Their delivery was not as we planned but I was thankful they were here and they were healthy. You can read the birth story here and here.

My favorite post of 2012 is, of course, TnT's first birthday party. I learned a lot of things about hosting parties that year….lot's of what not to do. Nevertheless, the party turned out great and I have good memories from that day.

This year has been another tough one! Thankfully, we have had no loss of life in our family but there has been loss. Big loss. Loss of our home, loss of several family members' homes, loss of normal. Through everything, however, I have been reminded over and over that I have a Father in Heaven who cares for me and is always looking out for me and that there's a reason for everything.

If you have been a reader for a while, thank you for being with me through this crazy journey of becoming and being a mom. If you are a new reader, please stick around a while and get to know me. I love "meeting" and getting to know new people.

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