August 20, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Tensley Wensley


This girl. She has stolen my heart. Well, half of it anyway. :)

Sometimes I have to worry when she's quiet but most of the time when I go to look for her, I'll find her just sitting in the middle of their closet, or on the couch just looking at books.

She has a squeal like no other.

She's so incredibly curious….about everything.

She loves her sister more than anything. Even though it's hard to tell a lot of the time.

She's a good eater.

She gets frustrated quite a bit. If you don't figure out what she wants or get on to her for doing something, she growls, throws a fit then stomps off. She is just 2 right? So when did I get a teenager?!

When I can get her to sit still she is the best at cuddling.

She's tough. She climbs a lot….which means she falls a lot. She almost always gets right up and keeps on going…except when the fall causes a big goose egg and leaves scrapes on the side of her face.

She is extremely silly.

Tensley-4877 Tensley-4880 Tensley-4881
Tensley-4879 Tensley-4882
Tensley-4884 Tensley-4885

That's my Tensley Wensley and I love her in more ways than I can count.

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