August 31, 2013

Rebuild Update: No News

I'm sad to report that there's nothing really new to report. We are STILL waiting on the architect to get the plans finalized.


I did notice the other day that a port-a-potty had been delivered. I'm hoping that means we are very close to getting started.

A couple days before the port-a-potty was delivered they did come out and drained our old septic tank and brought out sand to fill it in…which they haven't done yet. We will get a new septic system when the house gets closer to being done.

We have, however started trying to figure out the brick and stone that we want to use. We've pretty much decided on colors but haven't been able to figure out placement yet. We've looked at other houses in our area but our house is so much different than all of the other houses. Since we live on an acreage our house is much different than the other houses in the neighborhoods around us.

As far as actual house (re)building, nothing has happened. :(

Hopefully, I'll have something to report next week!

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