August 19, 2013

On the Menu

I know I said I didn't think I'd be meal planning while we are in the apartment but we've received so much food from people and the Food Bank that I need to use it all up so I can have some of my space back! Food is overflowing in the apartment!

I've been doing pretty well making meals from what I already have…when I actually cook. Since my cup overfloweth with canned and dry goods I decided, at least for this week, I would try do a meal plan. So here it goes, our meal plan for this week.

August Week 3 Meal Plan

I didn't plan a Saturday or Sunday meal because we usually have something going on every weekend it seems. Also, with late afternoon meeting about the house, we usually have at least one night during the week where we end up eating out so then I can use that meal for the weekend.

The only thing I have to buy for this week's meal plan is ground beef and chicken. Since we have such a small freezer/refrigerator, I buy my meats weekly anyway….along with my iced coffee. ;)

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