August 2, 2013

Five on Friday: Faith, Bubbles & More!

I can't believe it's Friday again!


Tonight my sister and I along with my mom and one of her sisters are headed downtown for the Women of Faith Conference. We decided to stay in a hotel and make it a fun girl's weekend. I'm very excited to have some time to renew and refresh and what better way than with thousands of women, amazing speakers and awesome Christian music?


My girls are bubbles obsessed…especially Tensley. For a couple of nights I told them if they helped me pick up their toys that we would do bubbles after baths. Well, Tensley now thinks this should happen every night. She knows exactly where we keep them and I can't resist when she points at the bathroom door (where they are kept) and says, "bubbuuuu!" So just about every night we have a bubble party in the living room.


Or in this case, Build-A-Bunny. I went with my sister this week to Build-A-Bear. We went so my niece & nephew could use gift cards they had received. I had no intention of having the girls participate. Well, after we entered the store I knew there was no way I was leaving without something so I let the girls pick theirs out. They both looked up and down the display wall and Tillie picked a bunny. When I asked Tensley she looked & looked and pointed to the exact same bunny. I wasn't at all surprised since they are still obsessed with "Hop Hop" (that's what they call any rabbit they see).

Build-A-Bunny Build-A-Bunny-Lovey's



Now that it's August I finally get to use my Erin Condren planner! I'm really liking it so far and I'm LOVING that I have somewhere to write down appointments because….

{Mills Rebuild}

I think we may have found a builder! I am so excited and ready to get moving on this rebuild so I can have my house back! More details to come hopefully next week…..

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  1. My daughter is 14 months and is totally bubble obsessed, too! Your girls are adorable. Have fun at the conference :) I found you from the link-up by the way!

  2. They look so cute with their bunnies!!!
    Lily is bubble obsessed, too. We go through so many bottles!


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