August 28, 2013

Fair Weather, Recovery & Contests

  • We have gone several days without rain or storms. I'm kind of thankful for that. I think we've had just enough to keep us out of drought status. I'm just so over rain & storms (for obvious reasons).

  • Speaking of weather, I heard on the news the other day that the Farmers Almanac predicted a very cold and wet winter. The National Weather Service predicted a warmer & dryer winter. I'm rooting for the National Weather Service to be right.

  • We had a rough weekend with Tillie being sick. Thankfully, she is doing/feeling much better and has even started kind of eating again. I'm not sure where she got the germies that made her sick but we had gone to church the week before. Seems like one or both get sick after we go to church (more so Tillie than Tensley). We need to get Miss Tillie's immune system bulked up because that girl gets sick way too much.
    Sick Tillie
  • I drove by what's left of  our house today. The tornado basically took the path of the entire road that our house is on…it's a main road into Moore. Once I got into Moore city limits, I saw that houses were being rebuilt. It's crazy to me how one house looked to have so much less damage than the house next to it yet it was totaled and the other house is being "restored".
  • Don't forget to enter the N&S Adorables giveaway! Brittany has also offered an awesome 15% discount for my readers too! Just mention that you were referred from here.

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