July 16, 2013

Weekend Update & Toddler Tuesday

Good grief I had planned to blog through the weekend but I just never got around to it.

Our Weekend

Saturday was a fairly busy day. We had a meeting with our builder and then right after that we had dinner with my family. The meeting went great! I'm so ready to get some numbers so we can see if we can make our house the house of our dreams. It's kind of fun gutting the whole thing and starting over…like getting a second chance. We hope and plan for this house to be our forever house.

After our meeting we headed to dinner. My grandpa comes up from the lake ever so often and when he does he wants to see all his kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We usually meet somewhere for dinner and that's just what we did. We then ended up back at my parent's house for brownie fudge sundaes and to show everyone our house plans.

Sunday was a lazy day. The girls played while James and I played on our iPads researching and planning out house stuff.

It was a pretty good weekend.

The Toddlers

The girls have been so cute lately. Tillie is talking up a storm and is quite a ham. Tensley is trying really hard to start talking. Both girls are good at saying "Mom" or "Mom-Mom". They are also both saying, "huh?" I'll give you two guesses where they got that from. Tillie has just recently started saying, "Oh man!" I think she got that from my mom. Things I've been able to make out that Tensley says are; "tayewe" (thank you), "tear-i-is" (there it is) and she has again started signing more and saying, "mo" (we've been working on that one).


Sometimes I think Tillie went from one to like twelve.  She has become a little momma. She is constantly trying to discipline Tensley. I hear her saying "no no sissy" and "stop!" all the time. We haven't quite discouraged it because we like knowing when Tensley is getting into something she shouldn't.

She's also quite sassy. Last week I went into their room to get Tensley out of bed (she wasn't quite ready the first time) and Tillie told me "No mom-mom. Stop!" then proceeded to push me out of the room and Shut. The. Door! I stood there in shock wondering how my just turned two year old could already be so bossy! Of course I immediately went to the camera to see what she was up to. She had moved their little people toys and the Minnie Mouse balloon up to Tensley's crib and Tensley was playing with them through the crib. Oh these girls!


Tensley has recently developed some sass that I'm not too fond of. She has started this thing where when she gets in trouble she gets mad and hits. A couple of times she has even bitten one of us. She's been in a few time outs for this but it doesn't seem to be working. I really think she is doing this because she's not able to communicate that well yet. I've upped our reading quite a bit in hopes to speed up her talking. If she hasn't greatly improved in a couple of months, their pediatrician has requested we call her and let her know so we can take some kind of action.

The other side of Tensley is a super sweet, super cuddly little girl. If I'm sitting down and Tillie isn't being a lap hog, Tensley will crawl up in my lap and hug me or she'll sit next to be and try to put her arm around me.

Lately, Tillie has refused to sit in her booster seat at the table so I'm trying no boosters at home. It takes them longer to eat this way because they get up and down (and sometimes I have to pull Tensley off the table) but at least they don't refuse to eat because they have to sit in the boosters. Besides, don't all toddlers eat better on the run?


I love my girls with all my being and am having so much fun with them right now.

Oh and for those who may be wondering, I finally separated their cribs and they no longer climb into each other's or out of their cribs so I've won the "hold off on the toddler bed" battle…..for now.

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