July 31, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I don't know why but some weeks I just have a hard time coming up with random thoughts. Not because I can't ramble but because I just don't want to bore you.

  • I've decided to put the girls in a children's day out program. I think we all need some time apart. It's not them, it's me…..or maybe it is them. Haha! Just kidding.


  • We have been in this apartment since June 1st. We have been to the pool once. The girls loved it! I have tried to go several other times but it has been closed every time. I wanted to get in all the pool time in that I can since we aren't replacing our pool. :(  At least that what hubby says. I'm still working on him.


  • I think….hope we are really close to signing a contract with a builder. I've been back at browsing Pinterest & Houzz for design ideas. I'm really liking these paint colors…
    Paint Colors


  • Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Hostess comeback? Did you know it's the "sweetest comeback in the history of EVER"? :) Oh how I missed those powdered donuts. There's just no other like them. What's your favorite Hostess product?


  • Last week we ate at Pei Wei and these were our fortunes…
    photo (31)
    Since May 20th I'd say we've endured quite a bit. We have also had to be very persistent in this whole rebuilding process, sheesh! Traveling to a new place, huh? Well…we traveled to an apartment, does that count? I wonder what this great transformation will be?

Ok, that's all I've got. Are you bored? Did you even make it to this point? :)

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  1. I've already started looking into a Mother's Day out program here! Planning to start the girls at the first of the year when they are 2. I think it will be good all around ;) will be interested to see if your girls like it!

  2. I really like those paint colors :) My husband and I have been contemplating building - looks like a lot of work but the outcome is always so nice! :)


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