July 2, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: A TnT Update

I've posted pictures of the girls on Instagram but I realized I haven't really posted anything about them here.


The resiliency of children amazes me.

While the girls were not crazy about being down in the storm shelter, they do not seem to be phased too much by what has happened since then. They've been out to the house since and have never really acted like they wanted to go in to the house (they usually sit in the air conditioned car when we run in and out for quick things).

Staying with MiMi & PaPa for 3 weeks was like being in toddler heaven for them. The only issue we had there was that they had to sleep in Pack & Plays and if you read my vacation post, you'll know how well that went over. It also didn't help that we were doing clean up until late and then eating dinner late so most nights we didn't get them into bed before midnight most nights.

Behavior wise, both girls have been a little more clingy than usual but I'm sure that's because one or both of us were gone during the day most days. Tensley was and still is into everything and climbing on everything. Tillie has become a little momma and frequently tattles and/or gets on to her sister (we currently promote the tattling). It's so cute hearing her say, "No! No! Tensee!

All in all, they have been really good.

Now let's talk about today. Today they decided for the first time to climb out of their cribs. It started with Tensley climbing into Tillie's crib. Actually, Tillie has started this thing where she wants to sleep in Tensley's crib so we just switch them but apparently, Tensley wanted to be in her crib today. There was lots of squeals and giggles and wrestling before lo and behold I looked at the monitor and BOTH girls were out of the crib!

My plan was to keep them in cribs until we moved back into our house. As of right now, I'm sticking to this plan (I don't want to buy any new furniture until we move back into the house). We are going to try moving their mattresses to the floor. Hopefully, that works for the next few months.

Oh, and can you believe they will be TWO in FIVE days?!?!

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