July 9, 2013

TnT Turned TWO!

Oh Toodles, my babies turned TWO! How did that happen??


I've known I wanted to do a Minnie's Bow-tique party for quite some time…months actually. The girls have been obsessed  with the Minnie's Bow-tique shorts on Disney Jr. so once I figured this out, I decided that would be the theme of their party.

This post is going to be more pics than words. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me or leave a comment. :) Oh, I did design the printables.

Birthday Minnies

Minnie's-Bowtique-Tillie Minnie's-Bowtique-Tensley

Sweets Table

Minnie's-Bowtique-Sweets-TaMinnie's-Bowtique-Sweet-TreMinnie's-Bowtique-Candy Minnie's-Bowtique-Cupcakes 

Food Table

Minnie's-Bowtique-Food-TablMinnie's-Bowtique-Menu Minnie's-Bowtique-Chips

Beverage Bar

Minnie's-Bowtique-Beverage- Minnie's-Bowtique-Lemonade

Party Hats….Ears


Considering I started putting everything together just a week before and had to use a different location (my parents' house), I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

One last thing…have you seen the pin on Pinterest about cooking the hot dogs in the crock pot? IT TOTALLY WORKS! The hot dogs were delicious!!

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  1. It looks fantastic! We did Minnie for Lily last year at 2 also...so fun for sweet girls!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! and I was wondering about the hot dog in a crockpot trick- you just throw them in there a few hours before, right? I was planning on doing this for Andrew's birthday party! :)


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