July 29, 2013

Photography and Grease Stains

These two things are not related. :)

Happy Monday!

Actually not that happy for me at the moment. I'm attempting to function on about 1 hour of sleep. Tens and hubby kept me up all night. Hubby was snoring and Tens had a bad dream and refused to go back to sleep even after I rescued her out of her crib. She's asleep now. I'm considering this her nap time.

Our weekend was pretty low key. Saturday we just hung out at the apartment. Hubby ran some errands during the day and then I had a photo session that evening.

The photo session was downtown. I'm really liking what they've done with our downtown area. It's a lot more family friendly that it used to be.

Colcord Hotel
Devon Tower & Gardens

The gardens where I had the photo session has a couple of splash pads. I think I'm going to try to take the girls sometime this summer. They'd love it!

Splash Pad

As we were leaving, we witnessed a couple getting engaged.


Yesterday hubby and I cleaned the apartment. I was going to get laundry started but much to my dismay, I discovered that there was grease all over the load of baby blankets that I had salvaged from the house. I was livid! Most of the girls baby things were completely taken by the tornado (as in nowhere to be found) so I was happy to have been able to have something of theirs to be able to hand down to them but now almost all of the blankets have large grease stains. :(  I started trying to get the stains out last night using Dawn dish soap. Unfortunately, one load made it through the dryer before I noticed the stains. However, the stains faded on the blanket I tested so I'm hoping I can get them all out. If you have any tried and true tricks to getting grease out, send them my way please!

Grease Stains

As I'm typing this, I'm getting a new washer. You better believe I called the office first thing this morning. This is 3 loads of laundry now that have been ruined by their washer or dryer. I have never seen washers or dryers do things like I've seen here. It's ridiculous!

Needless to say, I'm still not a fan of apartment living and can't wait to move back home. We are expecting 2 more bids this week. Please pray that God will direct us to the right builder for us.

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  1. You might try De-Solve It... they sell it at Ace Hardware, I believe or other hardware stores in the cleaning section. It's become my go-to for greasy spots on clothes. Good luck!

  2. I use a degreaser concentrate on my husbands clothes when he gets "farm grease" on them and seems to work well, but they are his work clothes so if it doesn't completely come out it doesn't matter. The company that sells it is Stanley Home Products. And since I am replying four days later, you probably have already found something that works.


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