July 12, 2013

Enough is Enough

They say things happen in three's. I truly believe this as I've experienced it on more than one occasion.

This time? We are way beyond three….we're like on our second set of three.

Yesterday (Thursday) started out good. The girls woke up in a good mood. They played nice in the morning and let me get a few things done before lunch. They had their 2 year well check in the afternoon so I fed them lunch and put them down for their nap early.

My mom came over so she could go with me to the girls appointment. The girls were still asleep so I got everything ready that needed to go with us and took it down to the car. When I got back up to the apartment, Tensley had woke up and my mom had gone to get her out of bed. Not long after, Tillie woke up so I went in to get her.

As I was carrying Tillie out of their room, I noticed something crawling in her hair. We've had a small issue with gnats so I thought that's what I saw. I handed her to my mom and as she was sitting in her lap I saw something crawling again. After further inspection, we realized it was LICE!

So since we were on our way to the pediatrician for the well check, we decided to go ahead and get confirmation that they did indeed had lice. The doctor confirmed it. Ugh.

Since my niece had recently had lice as well (most likely where the girls got it from) and since I had lice twice as a kid, I knew combing through the hair was the only way to get the lice out. I asked the doctor if there was a treatment that didn't require combing. After some research and a call to the pharmacy that is downstairs from their office, they confirmed there was a rinse that didn't require the comb….there were 2 actually. One was $200 & the other was $300! I told her no thank you and that I would just try to chase and comb my 2 very busy 2 year olds. Little did I know that would be even harder than I thought.

On our way home I stopped and got the necessary items and started de-licing the second we finished dinner.

We gave baths, washed hair, attempted the comb out, washed blankies and lovies, washed their sheets and mattress pads, washed towels and rugs and then I washed our sheets and mattress pad and blanket.

Our washer and dryer in the apartment are so much slower than what I had at home so I was up late waiting for them to finish so we could go to bed. While I was waiting, I decided to take a shower…you know, since I was now feeling all itchy from the thought of lice on my kids and who knows where else. Well after my shower, I saw a live louse in the bottom of the tub. Ewwwww! So at 2am I'm lathering up my hair just to be sure I get the little suckers!

So I went to bed a little after 3am. The bed was only half made as part of our linens were still in the dryer and I couldn't stay awake any longer. James had fallen asleep on the couch.

We are tired. We are weary. We just need a break.

Enough is enough already!

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