July 8, 2013

Apartment Living

As most (or all) of you know, we moved into an apartment while we rebuild our house. It's a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment so it's definitely much smaller than our house…like more than half the size so we are struggling a little bit to adjust.

The last time I lived in an apartment was after our house was destroyed by a tornado in 1999.

I still have a problem calling it home. I probably never will. In fact, James and I were talking last night about how it feels like we're just living in a hotel. It's hard trying to call it home when we know it's only temporary.

Despite the fact that it is temporary, I have tried to put my little decorative touches around the apartment (without spending too much, if any money) to make it feel a little more homey.

Flowers and menu courtesy of TnT's birthday party.

TnT's bathroom.

We're still trying to figure out organization and storage. It appeared, when we first looked at this apartment, that there was plenty of storage but after moving in, we found that to not be the case. Thankfully, I have a professional organizer who has offered her services and is coming over to help me figure it all out.

Our command center just inside the front door.

My main goal while we're here is just to make it an efficient, comfortable and easy to care for apartment. I don't want to fill it up with too much stuff because I want to save that for the newly remodeled house. :)

*I'm going to try to have TnT's birthday post up tomorrow.
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  1. when i first moved to my apartment from a house, i felt the same way, but after i put things on the wall, i feel like it is my home. i can't paint the walls, so it is off-white everywhere and that is a challenge.


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