July 31, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I don't know why but some weeks I just have a hard time coming up with random thoughts. Not because I can't ramble but because I just don't want to bore you.

  • I've decided to put the girls in a children's day out program. I think we all need some time apart. It's not them, it's me…..or maybe it is them. Haha! Just kidding.


  • We have been in this apartment since June 1st. We have been to the pool once. The girls loved it! I have tried to go several other times but it has been closed every time. I wanted to get in all the pool time in that I can since we aren't replacing our pool. :(  At least that what hubby says. I'm still working on him.


  • I think….hope we are really close to signing a contract with a builder. I've been back at browsing Pinterest & Houzz for design ideas. I'm really liking these paint colors…
    Paint Colors


  • Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Hostess comeback? Did you know it's the "sweetest comeback in the history of EVER"? :) Oh how I missed those powdered donuts. There's just no other like them. What's your favorite Hostess product?


  • Last week we ate at Pei Wei and these were our fortunes…
    photo (31)
    Since May 20th I'd say we've endured quite a bit. We have also had to be very persistent in this whole rebuilding process, sheesh! Traveling to a new place, huh? Well…we traveled to an apartment, does that count? I wonder what this great transformation will be?

Ok, that's all I've got. Are you bored? Did you even make it to this point? :)

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July 30, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: TnT's Favorite Things

This week for Toddler Tuesday, I thought I'd talk about some of the girls' favorite things.

Nabi Jr

We bought one of these to see if the girls would like it. It took about a week before they were fighting over it so we ended up buying a second one. I don't regret this decision one bit. I love that most of the apps are educational and I can sit with each one of them and walk them through some of the apps. Tillie seems to be catching on a little bit faster than Tensley so I can sit and work with her on certain apps while Tillie plays on it by herself. If you have a 2-5 year old, I highly recommend this tablet.

Oh, and the best part about this tablet? I no longer have to give up my devices for them to play/learn.

*I was not compensated for this. These are my own opinions.

Reading / Favorite Books

The girls have really started taking an interest in us reading books to them. They are getting better at sitting still long enough for us to read some of the longer books…as long as they have pictures.

Their favorite books right now are:

  • Ladybug Girl – I'd love to get the entire series of these books.
  • Minnie Red Riding Hood – of course anything Minnie is a fave in our house right now.
  • My First ABC's – each page has pictures of things that start with a letter of the alphabet. The girls can name most of the pictures and point to the correct picture when you ask where it is.

Most of our books are board books that we received as gifts or that I purchased from the dollar section at Target. I need to start adding more story books to their collection. Got any recommendations?


Bubbles are kind of a big deal in our household right now. I purchased the Gymboree bubble set and oh my goodness they are the best bubbles ever! Because it's either been raining or too hot to go outside, I've been blowing bubbles in the living room of our apartment. These bubbles are so good that I still find them on things the next day! I really like the bubble blower that comes with this set too. It blows small bubbles and lots of them.

Bubble Ooodles

Coloring is another favorite activity for the girls. I have stocked up on coloring books but alas, the girls prefer clean white paper. They are their father's children…don't like to color in the lines. I guess I have lots of coloring to do. ;)

So these are a few of the girls' favorite things right now. They are growing and learning so fast that I'm sure they will change in a month or so.

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July 29, 2013

Photography and Grease Stains

These two things are not related. :)

Happy Monday!

Actually not that happy for me at the moment. I'm attempting to function on about 1 hour of sleep. Tens and hubby kept me up all night. Hubby was snoring and Tens had a bad dream and refused to go back to sleep even after I rescued her out of her crib. She's asleep now. I'm considering this her nap time.

Our weekend was pretty low key. Saturday we just hung out at the apartment. Hubby ran some errands during the day and then I had a photo session that evening.

The photo session was downtown. I'm really liking what they've done with our downtown area. It's a lot more family friendly that it used to be.

Colcord Hotel
Devon Tower & Gardens

The gardens where I had the photo session has a couple of splash pads. I think I'm going to try to take the girls sometime this summer. They'd love it!

Splash Pad

As we were leaving, we witnessed a couple getting engaged.


Yesterday hubby and I cleaned the apartment. I was going to get laundry started but much to my dismay, I discovered that there was grease all over the load of baby blankets that I had salvaged from the house. I was livid! Most of the girls baby things were completely taken by the tornado (as in nowhere to be found) so I was happy to have been able to have something of theirs to be able to hand down to them but now almost all of the blankets have large grease stains. :(  I started trying to get the stains out last night using Dawn dish soap. Unfortunately, one load made it through the dryer before I noticed the stains. However, the stains faded on the blanket I tested so I'm hoping I can get them all out. If you have any tried and true tricks to getting grease out, send them my way please!

Grease Stains

As I'm typing this, I'm getting a new washer. You better believe I called the office first thing this morning. This is 3 loads of laundry now that have been ruined by their washer or dryer. I have never seen washers or dryers do things like I've seen here. It's ridiculous!

Needless to say, I'm still not a fan of apartment living and can't wait to move back home. We are expecting 2 more bids this week. Please pray that God will direct us to the right builder for us.

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July 26, 2013

Five on Friday


The first bid on our rebuild came back yesterday. We were very happy with it. I can't wait to see the other bids!


Even with new carpet, our apartment smells a little like smoke sometimes. Since I'm on a peach kick right now, I bought some Bath & Body Peach Bellini Wallflowers to help cover the smell and I love it! I wonder how long it will take for me to be completely over peach anything. ;)


Ever since the girls' birthday party, I've been buying fresh flowers to have in the apartment. I'm loving the pops of color they bring to our somewhat drab d├ęcor. I think I will be carrying this over to the new house. These flowers are currently on my desk (that is no longer as tidy as when you saw it in this post).

Fresh Flowers


Hubby and I have been staying up way to late. We got back on our routine of watching Friends on Nick at Night. We've also been discussing & dreaming about the new house. They play episodes from 10pm to midnight but they way they air, they actually run a little past midnight so yeah, we don't get to bed until late, late. it doesn't matter much to me because the girls usually sleep until around 9am so I can sleep in if I want. However, hubby has to be at work at 7am so that makes for very long days on so little sleep.


I was at Target yesterday and when I came across these 3 things, I immediately had rooms in the new house designed around them. We'll see if they still have them when it's time to move in…

 Target Find-ChairTarget Find-Cabinet Target Find-Storage

Happy Friday!

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July 24, 2013

Random Wednesday

Welcome new readers from Jenna's Journey! I'm so happy you're here! Each Wednesday I do posts with little tidbits of our week, random thoughts, favorite products…..things that really aren't enough for a post on their own.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings! :)

  • Since our builder backed out, we've been meeting with/interviewing new builders this week. This is not a process I enjoy. I keep getting the feeling these builders are just totally overwhelmed with the scope of our project. I think because they are mainly used to just building from the ground up & not working with a foundation & framing that's already there. So frustrating. I just want to get started on our house already!

  • I started walking again. I needed to get back to some of the things I did before the tornado. Also, since I lost a lot of weight due to the stress, I want to keep it off and I'd like to lose about 3-5 more pounds.

  • I got my Erin Condren planner earlier this week! It's my first time ordering one. I can't wait to use it…you know, to fill it up with house building appointments & stuff.  I came up with the tag line of "The Year of Restoration". I thought this would be neat to have to document our rebuilding process. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.


  • My parents have been my only babysitter since shortly after the girls were born. It's been tough because TnT are kind of wild and my parents just aren't physically able to keep up with them for an extended amount of time. Finally, I have secured another babysitter! It will mainly be for date nights but OMG I'm so excited about this! Our date nights are very far and few between and with everything going on lately, we definitely need some alone time.

  • Yesterday I had my work day with the professional organizer that I've mentioned on here before. I feel so much better about parts of the apartment now. She helped me with the closets and gave me ideas for other parts of the apartment that I plan to use in the near future. I think I'll do a dedicated post with before & after's.

  • For those who have been following for a while, you know that I coupon. Since I now have a much, much smaller kitchen and virtually no pantry space, I have decided to not to coupon while we are in the apartment. Also, we have had tons of dry goods donated to us and there are food banks set up around town for disaster victims where I can get free pantry items. This has been such a God send because it helps us save money for all the expenses coming up with house building.

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July 22, 2013

Who Am I?

I'm linking up over at Jenna's Journey today!

The topic is About Me. I didn't realize until today that my About page is pretty incomplete. I guess I need to get that updated. Oops!

05 12 13_4509

My name is Heather and I've been blogging for about 6 years (only about 3 on this blog). I started blogging shortly after I opened up my Etsy shop. Over at A Scrappy Design I blogged mostly about my products, my crafty endeavors and other Etsy shops. You can read about why I started this blog on my About page.

I still blog about my Etsy shop from time to time but most of what I blog about is my chaotic life with twin girls. We recently lost our home in the devastating tornado that went through Moore, Oklahoma so most of my recent posts have been about our recovery and rebuild efforts.

I'm kind of a social media addict so you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I also love replying to blog comments but sadly, people don't comment a whole lot these days and when they do, their email is not set up on their blog account that allows me to reply back. :(  If you aren't sure how to check whether or not your email is set up, I posted a how to HERE. Please check your account to see if your email is set up so I can chat with you! :)

Looking forward to meeting new to me bloggers so head on over and link up too!

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July 21, 2013

My Faith Will Not Be Broken

It's been two months since that fateful day. The day that I started full of hope for that week. I had it all planned out….not of big things but just normal everyday things. I was feeling hopeful and ready to take on summer.

Then a giant storm that seemed to appear out of nowhere quickly produced a giant devastating tornado that tried to crush that hope. It didn't work but the events of the days since then have started to a toll on me…physically, emotionally, spiritually. I feel like I'm losing hope.

Let's reflect on those events (please know that this is more of a therapy for me than me trying to vent):

  • An F5 tornado ripped through our town and left us homeless
  • Tensley fell off of an exercise trampoline that resulted in 2 x-rays to check for fractures
  • Both girls got sick.
  • Once the girls started getting better, I got sick…for 3 weeks.
  • A second devastating storm came through thankfully missing us but still did damage and delayed our move to the apartment.
  • Both girls got lice.
  • My car died while I was sitting at a stoplight. Cause, unknown
  • Our builder backed out and now we are looking for a new builder to rebuild our house (there are no hard feelings with the first builder)
  • Tillie gets a virus
  • The speedometer on my car decided to freak out and said I was going 115 while I was on the highway.

I'm to the point where I am just waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I know, pretty sad huh? I'm really, really trying to stay positive but I have moments when I'm in the shower or in the car by myself where I just start crying.

I am worn and weary. My faith may waver from time to time but it will not be broken.

I'm trying to focus on the positive things. It doesn't seem like there's much but there are positives.

  • My family is alive and well.
  • Thankfully we had insurance and will be basically getting a new house.
  • Tensley did not have any fractures.
  • There have been many wonderful people who have helped us during this difficult time.
  • It seems that the lice are GONE!
  • I've had a little bit of time to work on creative stuff (I even had the opportunity to do a little photo shoot for one of my favorite families)….this is my happy place.
  • The girls turned 2 and are becoming so much fun!
  • I have good friends that let me vent and are encouraging and give me hope.
  • I know God has big things planned for me and my family. I don't know what they are right now but I know for a fact that all these trials I'm going through? Good things will come from them. God has promised us that….not just for me but for all of us who believe in Him.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed and continues to pray for us. I can't even tell you how much we appreciate them.

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July 19, 2013


I'm still struggling to feel at home in this apartment. No matter how much I bring things in that are familiar to us, it still doesn't feel like home.

There are still always boxes in the "hallway" full of items that either need to be taken to storage (like out of season clothes) or donated (good-bye clothes that are too big for me now). I am also finding that there's always something I need but isn't here. All these things just remind me of our current displacement.

We are getting more comfortable here but it still just feels like we are staying in a hotel…or maybe a vacation condo….only minus the vacation. Oh how I wish we were on vacation.

Living on the second floor and having the girls doesn't make it any easier. When we first moved in I thought we'd never be here but after getting the girls up and down the stairs by myself and to the car that I've had to park on the other side of the complex because parking SUCKS here after 5pm, I tend to stay in a lot.

Even though we are getting a "new" house out of this, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

I'm trying to adjust.

I've been adding my little touches around here. Recently, we had the opportunity to pick out some Thomasville furniture that the company donated. It was what they called "high-end" hotel furniture and it was the dark cherry/espresso color…the same color of the furniture we had in our bedroom. We picked out a night stand and a media dresser that we plan to use in our guest bedroom.

Another item we I picked out was a small table/desk. I had been wanting something in the apartment to use for paying bills and working/blogging (the dining room table wasn't working) so when I saw this table, I thought it would be perfect! I set it up in our bedroom and created a functional office desk. I think I need a memo board or a shelf or two above it but it works for now.


I won't be showing you the entire desk because there's stuff shoved underneath it. If I ever find a place for it, I'll post a zoomed out picture of this side of the room.

There's no news to report on the rebuild. We are pretty much in the hurry up and wait stage. I'm no good at this stage. I really hope to have something to report next week.

**UPDATE: Our builder has decided he cannot take on our rebuild so we are now in the process of finding a new builder. We have a couple of meetings set up so far. Please pray for us as we deal with yet another setback.

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July 18, 2013

Houzz Dreaming

I've been having trouble being patient and waiting to decorate our newly rebuilt house until after we get the plans finalized….and actually start the re-building process. I mean, have you been on Houzz? I have spent hours on that site! In fact, I'm ashamed to admit that I have fallen asleep dropped the iPad while browsing their app in bed.

My goal for the house is light and bright. With that in mind, here are some of the pictures that have caught my eye lately.

I love the feel and the colors of this room.

Front Living

Hello craft room! Is that chandelier not the bomb diggity?

Craft Room

If I had this master bedroom I might not ever leave it.

Master Bedroom

If I had this master closet to go along with the master bedroom above, you might as well just slip trays of food under the door because then I would never want to leave my bedroom!

Master Closet

If you want to see what else I've come across, no worries, I'm sure I'll be sharing again soon. In the mean time, you can check out my Pinterest boards where I will be pinning away!

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July 17, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

  • It's been raining all week and the girls and I need to get out of the apartment. However, I refuse to leave the apartment when it's raining because all three of us would be soaked before we even got to the car. One of the things I miss about having a garage.


  • I think we are winning the battle on the lice front. I didn't find anything on any of us yesterday but I'm still going to be combing through the rest of the week. I went out last night and got us stocked up on a lice preventative arsenal including tea tree oil and coconut oil products. Be gone you darn lice!


  • A couple of products I bought (to use as a lice preventative) were the Organix Tea Tree Oil & Mint shampoo and the Coconut Oil Conditioner. I really liked them but I smelled like a coconut thin mint after my shower. :)


  • I think I'm ready to start working on printables for my shop. I'm still trying to decide if I want to start taking custom orders though. I need to see if I can actually get into a good work schedule before I decide. 


  • Do you design blogs or have anyone you recommend? I want a makeover but I'm tired of doing it myself. It's just not fun for me and I don't really have the time right now. I'd rather be spending any extra time on my shop.


I hope everyone has had a good week so far!

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July 16, 2013

Weekend Update & Toddler Tuesday

Good grief I had planned to blog through the weekend but I just never got around to it.

Our Weekend

Saturday was a fairly busy day. We had a meeting with our builder and then right after that we had dinner with my family. The meeting went great! I'm so ready to get some numbers so we can see if we can make our house the house of our dreams. It's kind of fun gutting the whole thing and starting over…like getting a second chance. We hope and plan for this house to be our forever house.

After our meeting we headed to dinner. My grandpa comes up from the lake ever so often and when he does he wants to see all his kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We usually meet somewhere for dinner and that's just what we did. We then ended up back at my parent's house for brownie fudge sundaes and to show everyone our house plans.

Sunday was a lazy day. The girls played while James and I played on our iPads researching and planning out house stuff.

It was a pretty good weekend.

The Toddlers

The girls have been so cute lately. Tillie is talking up a storm and is quite a ham. Tensley is trying really hard to start talking. Both girls are good at saying "Mom" or "Mom-Mom". They are also both saying, "huh?" I'll give you two guesses where they got that from. Tillie has just recently started saying, "Oh man!" I think she got that from my mom. Things I've been able to make out that Tensley says are; "tayewe" (thank you), "tear-i-is" (there it is) and she has again started signing more and saying, "mo" (we've been working on that one).


Sometimes I think Tillie went from one to like twelve.  She has become a little momma. She is constantly trying to discipline Tensley. I hear her saying "no no sissy" and "stop!" all the time. We haven't quite discouraged it because we like knowing when Tensley is getting into something she shouldn't.

She's also quite sassy. Last week I went into their room to get Tensley out of bed (she wasn't quite ready the first time) and Tillie told me "No mom-mom. Stop!" then proceeded to push me out of the room and Shut. The. Door! I stood there in shock wondering how my just turned two year old could already be so bossy! Of course I immediately went to the camera to see what she was up to. She had moved their little people toys and the Minnie Mouse balloon up to Tensley's crib and Tensley was playing with them through the crib. Oh these girls!


Tensley has recently developed some sass that I'm not too fond of. She has started this thing where when she gets in trouble she gets mad and hits. A couple of times she has even bitten one of us. She's been in a few time outs for this but it doesn't seem to be working. I really think she is doing this because she's not able to communicate that well yet. I've upped our reading quite a bit in hopes to speed up her talking. If she hasn't greatly improved in a couple of months, their pediatrician has requested we call her and let her know so we can take some kind of action.

The other side of Tensley is a super sweet, super cuddly little girl. If I'm sitting down and Tillie isn't being a lap hog, Tensley will crawl up in my lap and hug me or she'll sit next to be and try to put her arm around me.

Lately, Tillie has refused to sit in her booster seat at the table so I'm trying no boosters at home. It takes them longer to eat this way because they get up and down (and sometimes I have to pull Tensley off the table) but at least they don't refuse to eat because they have to sit in the boosters. Besides, don't all toddlers eat better on the run?


I love my girls with all my being and am having so much fun with them right now.

Oh and for those who may be wondering, I finally separated their cribs and they no longer climb into each other's or out of their cribs so I've won the "hold off on the toddler bed" battle…..for now.

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July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Everyone else is doing it and I liked the idea of it since I'm always drawing a blank on what to post near the end of the week.


My birthday was last week but tonight my girlfriends are taking me out since my bff was OUT. OF. TOWN! It's OK, Jami, I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again. :) We are going to go eat at a yummy Mexican restaurant on the lake and who knows what else. I do know that TP'ing will NOT be involved. You hear that girls? Notta!


Our new floor plan isn't finalized yet but I've been decorating the house through Pinterest. It's pretty much set that this will be our new master bathroom. The shower however, will be rotated so it will be along the back wall. I love the whole spa feeling of this bathroom! I love the blue and the white cabinets. We will use a different flooring.

Master Bathroom


Since our house wasn't totaled, we are having to work with what we had before. It's been a bit of a challenge since we can't really move plumbing but it's been fun trying to move or remove walls to make the house what we want it to be. Let's talk specifically about my new laundry room. I don't know why I never thought about it before but we are removing the wall between our office/mudroom and laundry room to open up the space and make it one large "task" room. Here is what it will look like.

Laundry Mud Room

I can't even tell you how excited I am about this room! I've always wanted a locker style mud room bench for coats, shoes & bags so we are adding one. We are also adding another window above the sink for more natural light. You can also see the walk in pantry that I talked about in my Wednesday Randoms post. This new remodeled house is going to have so much more storage!

I have pinning like a mad woman so if you want to see all the plans I hope to implement in the newly remodeled house, feel free to follow me!


The professional organizer who has offered to help me get the apartment organized is coming on Monday! I have managed to get some things organized but there are still many things that are just thrown into closets and drawers so I'm ready to have someone help me figure out how to organize it all. Don't worry, I plan to take lots of notes! ;)


I am obsessed with everything peach right now. Sweet green tea with peach, white peach candles & wax melts, peach, peach peach! I can't get enough! Have I already mentioned this before? I'm a little embarrassed about how many Sonic Green tea peach tea's I've consumed over the last couple of weeks. The only thing is that not every Sonic is created equal so it's taken me a few tries to find one that makes it just right with the right amount of peach. Thankfully, the winning Sonic is the one that's right by our house so during the rebuild and after we move back, I can get my favorite drink any time I want! :)

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Enough is Enough

They say things happen in three's. I truly believe this as I've experienced it on more than one occasion.

This time? We are way beyond three….we're like on our second set of three.

Yesterday (Thursday) started out good. The girls woke up in a good mood. They played nice in the morning and let me get a few things done before lunch. They had their 2 year well check in the afternoon so I fed them lunch and put them down for their nap early.

My mom came over so she could go with me to the girls appointment. The girls were still asleep so I got everything ready that needed to go with us and took it down to the car. When I got back up to the apartment, Tensley had woke up and my mom had gone to get her out of bed. Not long after, Tillie woke up so I went in to get her.

As I was carrying Tillie out of their room, I noticed something crawling in her hair. We've had a small issue with gnats so I thought that's what I saw. I handed her to my mom and as she was sitting in her lap I saw something crawling again. After further inspection, we realized it was LICE!

So since we were on our way to the pediatrician for the well check, we decided to go ahead and get confirmation that they did indeed had lice. The doctor confirmed it. Ugh.

Since my niece had recently had lice as well (most likely where the girls got it from) and since I had lice twice as a kid, I knew combing through the hair was the only way to get the lice out. I asked the doctor if there was a treatment that didn't require combing. After some research and a call to the pharmacy that is downstairs from their office, they confirmed there was a rinse that didn't require the comb….there were 2 actually. One was $200 & the other was $300! I told her no thank you and that I would just try to chase and comb my 2 very busy 2 year olds. Little did I know that would be even harder than I thought.

On our way home I stopped and got the necessary items and started de-licing the second we finished dinner.

We gave baths, washed hair, attempted the comb out, washed blankies and lovies, washed their sheets and mattress pads, washed towels and rugs and then I washed our sheets and mattress pad and blanket.

Our washer and dryer in the apartment are so much slower than what I had at home so I was up late waiting for them to finish so we could go to bed. While I was waiting, I decided to take a shower…you know, since I was now feeling all itchy from the thought of lice on my kids and who knows where else. Well after my shower, I saw a live louse in the bottom of the tub. Ewwwww! So at 2am I'm lathering up my hair just to be sure I get the little suckers!

So I went to bed a little after 3am. The bed was only half made as part of our linens were still in the dryer and I couldn't stay awake any longer. James had fallen asleep on the couch.

We are tired. We are weary. We just need a break.

Enough is enough already!

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July 10, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!

  • Our apartment has a regular top load washer. I've decided I hate it. I miss my front loader. I'm constantly scratching my knuckles on the little holes in the drum. It's also very, very loud.

  • We turned in our content list Sunday night. I cannot even begin to tell you what a relief that is! Now we can totally focus rebuilding.

  • I'm trying to decide when I'll be ready to start taking custom party printable design orders again. I may just focus on finishing the sets I've already started. If you have anything you'd like to see in the shop, let me know!

  • If everything works out like we hope, my pantry in our newly remodeled house will be like 4' wide by 5' deep! I'll totally be putting a counter and outlets in there for my appliances!

  • Speaking of floor plans, the process of deciding what we want and agreeing on what we want is a somewhat slow process. I'm just so ready to get going on this house! If you're following my hashtag #millsrebuild on Instagram and have wondered why there hasn't been many posts, now you know. Just don't give up on me b/c when we get this thing going, I'm sure there will be picture overload! :)

  • The girls have been pretty cute lately. Still ornery as ever but cute nonetheless. Tillie has started calling me "mo mom". I'm pretty sure she's trying to say "momma". She's always saying, "tank ewe (thank you) mo mom" or "sar (sorry) mo mom".

  • I've been on a night time coffee kick lately and for some reason, it's been keeping me up until midnight…or later! If only my favorite Eight O'Clock k-cups came in a decaf. ::sigh::

  • Have you ever had a craving for something and no matter what you try to satisfy it, it just doesn't do it? I've been craving something sweet but nothing is cutting it. Cake, candy, cookies, honey buns...nothing. Maybe I should try cereal....

Hope you all have a good day!

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July 9, 2013

TnT Turned TWO!

Oh Toodles, my babies turned TWO! How did that happen??


I've known I wanted to do a Minnie's Bow-tique party for quite some time…months actually. The girls have been obsessed  with the Minnie's Bow-tique shorts on Disney Jr. so once I figured this out, I decided that would be the theme of their party.

This post is going to be more pics than words. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me or leave a comment. :) Oh, I did design the printables.

Birthday Minnies

Minnie's-Bowtique-Tillie Minnie's-Bowtique-Tensley

Sweets Table

Minnie's-Bowtique-Sweets-TaMinnie's-Bowtique-Sweet-TreMinnie's-Bowtique-Candy Minnie's-Bowtique-Cupcakes 

Food Table

Minnie's-Bowtique-Food-TablMinnie's-Bowtique-Menu Minnie's-Bowtique-Chips

Beverage Bar

Minnie's-Bowtique-Beverage- Minnie's-Bowtique-Lemonade

Party Hats….Ears


Considering I started putting everything together just a week before and had to use a different location (my parents' house), I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

One last thing…have you seen the pin on Pinterest about cooking the hot dogs in the crock pot? IT TOTALLY WORKS! The hot dogs were delicious!!

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