June 19, 2013


I'm not sure I can put a complete comprehensive post together so I thought I would just do a Wednesday Random style post. It is Wednesday after all, right? Seriously, I've lost track of my days. Heck I'm not even sure what month it is anymore.

  • I finally am starting to feel like I can keep my head above water. We are far from normal but parts of our daily routine are just now starting to happen again.

  • A lot of the relief/recovery volunteers have left. It makes me a little sad for some reason. I think it's because when I would drive down the street and see all the stations lined up on the side of the road amongst the devastation, it gave me a sense of hope. There are still several left but they aren't quite as visible now.

  • Speaking of devastation, I can't really go near it. Our apartment is out of the devastation area so if I have to go into Moore or Norman (for shopping or whatnot), I try to drive around it as much as possible. It's not completely unavoidable though because there is damage to homes and businesses off of I-35 which goes right through Moore.

We went to the house last weekend. I've decided I can't go back to it…I just can't handle it. Since most of it is left standing, it almost looks livable, yet it's not. It makes me want to be home. I just want to go home. It also doesn't help that my Great Aunt's house (2 houses to the east of us) and my Grandparents house (next door to the west of us) were tore down and are no longer there as of yesterday.


  • Despite the fact that most of our walls are still standing, the house is in very bad shape. Mold has started taking over after all the rain we got that day and in the days since. It started in the garage but is now rampant throughout the house on the ceilings and carpet. My sister said there is moss growing in their master bathroom (their roof was blown away)


  • The girls seem to be adjusting ok. Tensley never really stopped her climbing into everything antics. Did I mention she tried to climb out of the storm shelter?

Furniture Climbing Tensley 

Poor babies haven't been going to bed until after 10pm though…sometimes it's midnight before we get them in bed. However, most nights, staying up late it's their doing. There's been a lot of sleeping in momma & daddy's bed going on.

Sleeping Tillie

  • The apartment is coming together finally. Seems like just as I would get things put away, more boxes would come in. I'm constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and perfect strangers.

Moving In1


  • Insurance has decided not to total our house. This part has been hard for me. After going through this once before…having our first house totaled out due to another EF5 tornado (It was a mobile home that was picked up turned upside down, dumped out and landed across the street with the floor on top of the roof. It looked like it had gone through a car crusher.), it's easier all around if they would just have totaled it. There's just so much more stress and paper work and jumping through hoops when it's not totaled.

With that said, our house was very close to being totaled. At minimum it will have to be gutted to the studs (and as I am typing this I just found out that Samaritan's Purse will be doing the demo sometime in the next week). That means we will start with only a foundation, framing, plumbing and some wiring so our new old house? It will be new and improved. We plan to put a little extra money into it and if the budget allows, some walls will be removed/moved and there will be some add-ons.

Although I'm not getting my hopes up, we have a structural engineer coming out this week to determine if the frame and foundation are safe to use. If he/she deems it's not safe, our house will be totaled and then we would start with a completely new and different house plan.


  • I sat down for the first time last night and tried to answer emails. If you have emailed me and I have not responded, PLEASE let me know. Seriously, I want to respond to each and every one of you.

Thank you all for your prayers and support for us during this time. I can honestly say that I don't know if we would be able to get through this with out all of you.

Thank you, Thank you, and God Bless!

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  1. Still so many prayers for you! Do you want the house to be totalled? Or is it pros and cons for each? I hope the outcome is the best for your family, Heather!

  2. You are on my heart often, friend. I am glad your routine is coming back, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to still see devastation.

  3. Keeping you and your family in my prayers! I hope everything goes smoothly with the house situation.

  4. Thinking of you during this difficult time! I'm glad the apartment is coming together and the girls are adjusting.


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