May 6, 2013

Monday Madness

Life with twins is always a challenge and honestly, it's usually just complete chaos. If you are a mom of twins, don't let anyone tell you different.

This morning. Oh let me tell you about this morning.

This morning we started our day with our normal walking date. Today is a beautiful day so we decided to walk at a new park nearby. It went well. I think the girls loved the change of scenery….and we were outside.

After our walk I needed to run a few errands because we are taking a little vacation this week. Tensley was already getting sleepy since she, as usual, woke up at the butt crack of dawn. I always get a little worried when she gets tired because she becomes this crazy wild child that is hard to control.

Our first stop was the car wash. The girls had never been through the car wash so I was curious to see how they would handle it. (sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures).

Car Wash Car Wash Tillie

They were both wondering what the heck was going on and Tillie seemed a little concerned but both handled it very well. No crying whatsoever.

After the car wash, I drove next door to Qdoba. I normally don't take the girls into a restaurant by myself but I wanted tacos and it's Taco Monday at Qdoba so I thought, "I can do this!" and proceeded with my plan. I asked the girls if they were hungry and both got excited and exclaimed, "YEAH!"

I gathered all the necessary supplies…sippy cups, bibs, etc. and threw them in my purse so I didn't have to carry two bags and then got Tillie out. I chose Tillie first because I know she will stay with me and hold my hand. With Tensley, I have to carry her because she likes to take off. So we walk into Qdoba and thankfully, it's not busy at all. There's maybe 2 other customers in the entire restaurant so I put Tensley down and grip her hand tightly. We skip the big walk around and get straight to the order counter. While I'm trying to order, Tensley, despite my best efforts, gets out of my grip and takes off to the other side of the restaurant. I take off after her. Thank God there is no one else in line. I get us all back to the counter, tell the guy, who's patiently waiting on me, what I want on my tacos, order the girls a cheese quesadilla, then I go to pay.

While I'm trying to pay, Tensley, once again gets away from me so I throw my debit card at the poor guy at the cash register and take off after her again. This time I snatch her up and the guy offers to carry my order to the table (I wouldn't have even had to ask if I were at Chick-fil-A, just sayin.) We get to the table, which I strategically chose right next to the drink stand, and I set Tensley in a chair so I can grab high chairs. Then Tillie throws a fit because she wants to sit in a chair so I put her in the chair across from Tensley and go to grab 2 high chairs. I get Tensley contained in a high chair and of course, Tillie refuses to sit in the high chair. At this point I'm about ready to just give up. Then I spotted booster chairs next to the high chairs so I decide to try a booster. She. Ain't. havin' it. I set her in the booster chair anyway and push the whole chair up to the table so she can't escape. She cries. I ignore her and give them each a quesadilla. Tillie calms down and decides it's not so bad after all.

Booster Seat Tillie

I'm sweating….and starving at this point. I get our drinks and finally sit down to eat. Finally, it's quiet. I survived. Most importantly, the girls survived.

The grocery store was our next stop. All I had to do was pick up snacks. Easy peasy. And that's just how it worked out thanks to double carts (except when we thought Tillie lost her paci but then found it in the car). Thank goodness!

So now we are home, the girls are down for a nap and I'm sitting here trying to cool off by drinking some Peach Mango juice, to get my serving of fruits & veggies and maybe a little energy, but I'm secretly wishing it was laced with some sort of alcohol to help me forget the events of this morning.

My next outing will involve getting a, um, toddler leash for Tensley. I'm tired of chasing that girl!!

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  1. OMG I had to laugh at this b/c it sounds like how my outings have been lately! Sam is now running away from me all the frustrating. She likes to laugh over her shoulder while running too and she has started going up to anyone and everyone wanting them to hold her? So weird....and complete opposite from her sister. Oh and I pretty much break a sweat anytime we go out, even if it's freezing. ha! Twins are hard work that's for sure! I'm just hoping maybe one day this will get easier :) Jealous you get to go on a vacay!! Can't wait to se pictures!

  2. oh goodness heather! im sorry! You are very brave for taking the girls to eat by yourself!!


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