April 23, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Twin (Sisterly) Love

Window Buddies

More often than not, TnT act just like sisters….fighting all the time. However, there are little moments here and there that I catch them getting along.

Many times I have walked in to the room and caught them hugging. It's the sweetest thing. They've also started giving each other kisses before we put them in bed.

Speaking of bed time…another thing the girls do that is too cute is that if one of them wakes up from naptime before the other one and they hear the other waking up through the monitor they get very excited. So I ask if she wants to go get sissy and then we go down the hall to their room…actually they usually run. Once in their room they will run up to the other's crib and say 'hi!' then start squealing. One of these days I'll get it on video. :)

They play together pretty well most of the time….when they really play. They like to chase each other around the living room. Sometimes one is chasing and "roaring" at the other which leads to squeals and giggles. This often happens during naptime and bed time when they're in their beds. Our house can get pretty rowdy but as long as it's giggles & squeals, I'll take it any day over the whining.

I always get a little concerned when it gets quiet. When I go to investigate, 9 times out of 10 I find them sitting side by side….usually reading books or looking outside. Sometimes they'll just sit there and mimic each other. However, it usually doesn't take long before they are loud & rambunctious again.

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