April 30, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: TnT (This n That)

The girls are learning and picking up on things at lightning speed these days.

I've moved the barricade to allow them into the kitchen. The only area we now have blocked off is the dining room (my computer is currently in the dining room and a certain someone likes to take my power cord and put it in her mouth) and we also try to keep the door to the laundry room closed to keep them out of there. It's not really child proofed yet.

Tillie just yesterday started hide n seek. It's so cute! She says, "one, two, ee, uh…rea-ee er I come!" Then she goes and hides. LOL

She's been talking a lot. She'll repeat just about any word you ask her to say…."Mom" is still her favorite word.

Tillie also has a furry friend who she calls "Hop Hop". Every spring we have wild bunnies in our back yard and this year, there's a little baby bunny who comes out from under our back deck and munches on the grass. She gets so excited when she sees "Hop Hop" and immediately comes and finds one of us to show.

Tillie & Hop Hop

Ever since we made chocolate chip cookies (when the girls were still awake) Tillie has been obsessed with cookies. They have some wooden play cookies that she carries around everywhere.

Tensley is still my wild child. She's always climbing and doing "dump & runs" with their toys. And oh boy can that girl throw a fit!

She loves hats and shoes and anytime we leave either of those things out, she puts them on.

Tensley in Ballcap

Tensley's vocabulary is expanding a little bit. I think she's just too busy to talk. Words I've heard her say recently are, "ca-cah" (cracker), "cahkee" (cookie), "Hop Hop" and "oh no". She is starting to learn animal sounds and will now make them on command. She also knows some of her body parts.

Both girls seem to be a little athletic. Obviously, with Tensley's climbing. Tillie has been kicking balls and balloons around around the house. She's really good at it! Last night, Tensley was using the faucet from their kitchen as a golf club & hitting a ball around. There isn't anything wrong with her hand-eye coordination….she never missed the ball!

Both girls can use a fork pretty well. Tensley has pretty much mastered it. Spoons are a different story. They are able to scoop but when they get it to their mouths they have a tendency to turn the spoon upside down so the food goes all down their front.


Now that they have access to the kitchen, they love being in there. Tillie has started this game where they run from one side of the kitchen to the other. They squat down and Tillie says, "Rea-ee, et, Goooo!" and they take off running giggling & squealing the whole way.

Ready Set Go

Sometimes, they use a different starting position….. :)

Ready Set Go2

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  1. They are so cute and getting so big!! I love that Tensley wears a hat everywhere. My girls won't even let me put bows or barrettes in their hair anymore!

  2. I love how sweet they are. I mean it's just fun to read about them playing together -- they have this built in best friend.


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