April 2, 2013

Toddler Shenanigans


The post that was almost gone forever

Actually, the original post is gone forever. I had this post all done and scheduled last week. Or so I thought. When I logged on to see if it had posted, it was gone! Nowhere to be found. Just GONE! I may or not have shed a tear or two.

It was a good post. Having to re-write it, I can’t promise it will be the same but here it goes. And you better believe I’ll be hitting save 5 million times while typing this.

Climbing Toddlers Chair Climbing Toddlers Couch Climbing Toddlers TV Climbing Toddlers Windowsill

The Climbers

If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that TnT are climbers. At first it was just Tensley who climbed but it didn't take long for Tillie to start. If there's any possible way to climb it, TnT will. In the beginning, I think I mentioned to hubs that we should just move all the furniture out of the house until they get over this phase. Now it doesn't even phase me much.

There have been a couple of times, however, that I've almost had a heart attack with the climbing.

I've come down the hall to find Tensley hugging the TV. Literally hugging the TV. I'm not sure if she was trying to hug the character on the screen or if she just loves the TV that much.

The TV climbing began with the introduction of the Cozy Coupes. She figured out that she could push one up to the entertainment center and use it as a step. We removed those and then she figured out how to use their little chairs to climb up there. A solution always leads to another problem. Lately, she's been using the bag of Mega Blocks to get up there. Ugh.

The blinds are another issue. They like to climb onto the couch and pull on the blinds. I'm just sure one of these days they are going to pull them down. I assume they just want to see outside so I raised the blinds and flipped the cords over the curtain rod. It's not very elegant looking but is that even possible with toddlers? Anyway, that solved the swinging from the blinds issue but then they decided they needed to hang out in the windowsill. A solution always leads to another problem.

Gate Escape T1 Gate Escape T2 Table Climber

We've also had some close calls with them escaping their area. We have the kitchen and dining room blocked off with pieces of their play yard. I have my "office" temporarily set up in the dining room so I can keep an eye on them during the day. They cannot be trusted with cords. Believe it or not, despite what the middle picture shows above (her feet never touched "the other side"), they've never actually "jumped the fence" successfully.

They've never jumped the fence but there was this one time I may not have latched the gate completely. THAT did, in fact, lead to an escape. The picture on the far right shows what happens when they actually do make it into the dining room. This is what happened….

Tillie: (comes up next to me) Hi!

Me:  (blink, blink) Hi baby! How did you get in here? (then notices the gate is open) Where's your….(turns head and sees Tensley On. The. Table!)

Did you see what happened there? Yep. It was a twinspiracy. Two against one is NEVER fair….sometimes I am afraid of them. Seriously.

Climbing Toddlers Bookshelf

Now let's talk about the predicament's they get themselves into when climbing, shall we?

One day while sitting at my computer (I think I was paying bills), I hear Miss Tillie yelling, "Hap! Hap! (Translation: Help! Help!). I ignore the pleas because well, it's a new word for her and she says it a lot. Finally, the pleas for help turn into cries so I then decide to go figure out what is going on.

<---This is what I find. She had climbed up and gotten herself stuck on the second shelf of the bookshelf. She see's me and again yells, "Hap! Hap! I, of course, tell her that momma will help her down but she needed to go grab her camera so she could take a picture. She patiently waited until I returned with the camera, took the picture and then helped her down.

Shortly after that, Tensley climbs up there and starts yelling for help. I told her she was on her own and walked off. Miraculously she managed to get herself down.

There is never a dull moment around here. Ever.

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